Transferring Settings to New Computer

About to move to another computer. How can I transfer all the settings (a year of responding to those beloved popups) to my new computer? I saw a thread on scripts but that is beyond me.


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The postings on the backup script are really quite straightforward. A script is just another name for a batch file, a simple list of instructions that will be executed sequentially. All you need to do is to download the script and run it by double clicking on it (N.B. As the script is in a ZIP file, you will need to extract it from the ZIP file first). When you do run it, it will create a folder with two sub-folders in it - CURRENT and PREVIOUS, to store two generations of your firewall configuration.

All you need to so is to copy the folder to the new computer, install CFP, set it to ALLOW ALL and make sure “Protect own registry keys” is turned off, and then double click on the REG file that is in the CURRENT sub-folder to reinsert the configuration on the new PC.


  1. Download the script
  2. Set the firewall to ALLOW ALL and turn “Protect own regitry keys” off.
  3. Double click the script icon to export your current settings
  4. Copy the resulting REG file to the new computer
  5. Install CFP on the new PC
  6. After installation is complete, reboot and then set the firewall to ALLOW ALL and turn “Protect own regitry keys” off
  7. On the new PC, double click the REG file to re-import it into the registry
  8. Reboot the new PC
  9. Reset the firewall security level and the registry protection

These may seem like a lot, but it’s only about a half an hours work, assuming the new PC is bootable to Windows.

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NOTE 1 - There are different versions of the script for CFP V2.X and CFP v3 Beta. Make sure you have the right script for your firewall version.

NOTE 2 - The instructions outlined above are for the V2 verswion of the script, but the principles underlying it are the same for the V3 version of the script.

Ewen, this does seem straight forward, especially with your clear instructions. Never (knowingly) used a script before so this will be exciting! :BNC


Now, I’ll go search out that script…

Hey Panic, I successfully used the script and ported to my new computer. Haven’t yet set up the 2 computer network on it yet, but am connected to my router and all is working well.

In the attached page capture of the Network Control Rules, lines 1 & 2 show the Zone’s are from the old PC. Is this a problem? Do I need to somehow reconfigure this to reflect the new computer?

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Glad to hear you got it up and running. God on you! :BNC

The words you see in the zone description are purely a label, nothing more. A zone is really a defined range of IP addresses that we have chosen to allow as trusted. The zone name is merely so we have something we can identify easily, range than having to remember a range of addresses.

Golden rule of computing - if it ain’t brokne, what on earth are you doing trying to fix it?? LOL

If it’s working and both PCs are happily communicating and your rules on both PCs are secure and not limiting you, you’ve done really well.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Great, I’ll open my tech training school tomorrow! Thanks again for the assist,