transfer settings from vista firewall to comodo 3

hey all, is there a way to transfer settings (and assigned opened ports etc) from the vista firewall to the latest vista ver of commodo?

I ask because i had to open ports for several of Blizzard’s products that I still play and would like those settings moved to commodo… my modem/router-combo 2wire device already is setup to allow these though on its end of things. and even though it is a router i don’t think it has a hardware firewall in (or one that is very good since its not a dedicated router), which is why i have various firewalls on my computers…

If its a 2Wire then it has a hardware firewall. My 2Wire Gateway DSL modem has one. You can export then import your settings in Comodo by going to Miscellaneous\Manage My Configuration. You really should set up your hardware firewall properly cause thats your best line of defense.

ok just noticed that windows firewall is still on… where do i go to export its settings? never had to do this before.

I told you above where to go. Miscellaneous\ Manage My Configuration. But you need to configure your router first and foremost.