transfer browser settings, tabs, saved passwords to chrome

sorry if this info was posted somewhere else, could not locate it.

is there an easy way of transferring all the comodo settings, open tabs, History and saved passwords into a chrome browser?
chrome does not recognize comodo to import the info.

Thank you

I need a browser that can sync with google unfortunatly

Hi doctorman,

Thank you for reporting.
We will check with the related team and update you.


Hi doctorman,

Chrome cannot import Comodo Dragon’s settings from Import bookmarks and settings because Chrome does not detect our browser.

As a workaround you can install a 3rd party extension to sync your settings and preferences. First install that extension in Comodo Dragon and backup your desired data, then import that backup into Chrome using the same extension.

Thank you!
Comodo Dragon Team

would you please recommend any extension that does the syncing?

Hi doctorman,

We are sorry, unfortunately we are not able to help you in this matter.

Thank you!
Comodo Dragon Team

Can I transfer comodo settings and passwords to firefox?

or perhaps can I transfer the info from CD to Comodo ice dragon? does firefox see CID and import info from there?

You can successfully transfer from Firefox into CD. CID hasn’t been discontinued but I suggest import into firefox and then import from FF into CD. There are a few extension and some people have had success with xbrowsersync but I think either manual export from Chrome or go the FF route may be easiest.