I thank I posted this in the wrong place ,I have V3. I am new with your firewall.I long do you leave it in save training mode ? What other program do you offer and where is your web site ?
Thanks (:WAV)

otherwise you can leave your firewall in Train with safe mode forever,it would still alert you if something really wrong was going to happen. Also when you think that you won’t install any new software for a while, and you’ve seen in the Network Policy list and in the Computer Policy List that most of your apps are listed, you can switch to Custom Mode (firewall). There’s no major reason why you should switch from “Clean PC mode” to any other mode in Def+, unless you feel that your machine is a potential target for a foreign country :SMLR. No seriously, “Clean PC Mode” for Def + is an ideal permanent solution (read the help files if you want to know more).

If I understand correctly, leaving it in training mode longer than necessary for the fw to learn your installed stuff, leaves you open to infiltration. I was told in this forum not to leave it in training (learning) mode indefinately.