I see constant traffic in my task bar even when I don’t have anything open.

How long does that stay that way?

All of the time

Nothing in your logs or connections window?

Even when I don’t have anything open I get “system” scrolling in my connections window. Do you know why?

A few users have asked that. I always forget the answer :-[, but system is part of Windows. The only time I see system on my connections tab is when it’s handling ICMP incoming connections (because I’ve specifically allowed them for p2p). There are other applications behind this. Here is one explanation of what system is.

An easy way to find out is to turn logging on for all rules in Network Monitor for a brief period when this phantom traffic is occuring. Wait a few minutes and then turn logging off for all rules except the catch-all block rule. Whatever wasgenerating the traffic shuld now be recorded in the logs.

Ewen :slight_smile: