tracking non-reporting endpoints

One feature I see lacking is the ability to gather information about endpoints that are not reporting, specifically the last time that they have reported.

Simply, we need to know which endpoints are reporting and which are not.

I know this information is tracked in the database because under “#/Preferences?Tab=EmailNotifications” we can generate an Email Notifications if X endpoints have not reported for Y seconds.

This does not allow much control however since many users take laptops home and power them off for a few days. Whereas servers and desktop computers are often left running 24h.

It would be good therefore if above reporting could be controlled on a policy/group basis.

At minimum however, if a field ‘last reported’ could be added in the “/#/Computers” screen, that would allow us to sort by last reported date.

I could not find a report/pdf that contains a summary of this information.