Track & log internet access, how

How do I create a log that tracks day and time of entry then exit to the Internet?

I’m a new to Comodo, came from Norton Internet Security that automatically logs entry and exit from the Internet. As I travel extensively and found hotel bills to not always be correct I need to replicate the Internet In-Out log but have not found how. I have queried your forum & studied the Comodo’s Help files but can’t find what I need.

New Toshiba laptop with 2GB of RAM, SATA & dual 32bit processor.
Comodo 3.10.102363.531 on Windows Vista (which I absolutely hate) SP2; Firefox 3.5.2; CCleaner and Picasa neither as yet used.
No other software until I resolve this problem.

Do you want a log about what site you were visiting?

No. Day and time of entry then day and time of exit to the Internet, for each and every entry and exit.
(Thanks for the prompt response.)

The log should only track logging into the Internet then logging off.

Hi Challenge10,

A long time ago I was playing with something like you are looking for (PPPoE connection log), and I think you may have those logs with one of these applications: tbbMeter; NetWorx; NetPerSec or NetMeter. Sorry, I can’t remember wich one exactly. You can goolgle for them, see some screen-shots and features-list before install.
Another possibility is looking at your modem resources…

Good luck!

It’s easy to do.
You don’t need to buy any softwares.

go to control panel>Administrative tools>Local Security Policy>
Local policy.

Edit rule or Add new rule>Run

or Use event viewer(you can edit the rules)

But ‘Local Security Policy’ is better than the event viewer.

Also you can export logs to txt file.

Sorry, but I cannot find Local Security Policy under Administrative Tools. Note, I am using Vista Home Premium (which I hate wi8th a passion!). Are you looking at the same OS?

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In case of home premium, it doesn’t show you Local security policy.
That’s why I love to use Ultimate.
I hate Home series too.
But you can use with edting registry. regedit.
2.go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa
if there is ‘LmCompatibilityLevel’ change dword value to 1.
if there is no ‘LmCompatibilityLevel’ make it.

Also you may need to use Administrator Account.

  1. run CMD
    2.type net user administrator /active on enter.
    4.close CMD.
    5.reboot. can see 2 accounts one is for user, another is for Admin.
    7.Choose user.(it should be your actual account name)
    8.go to Control panel>User accounts>Manage Another Account>Choost Administrator>
    make a password>reboot

After do this you can use Windows as an Administrator.

If it doesn’t work for administrator account, you can use a following solution.
1.When you boot you computer, press F8.
2.boot as Safe mode.
3.go to console menu(CMD)
4.type net user administrator /active on enter.
6.reboot to normal mode.
7.choose user.(it should be your actual account name)
8.go to Run.
9.type control userpasswords2 enter.
11.go to Control panel>User accounts>Manage Another Account>remove your actual account>
make a password for Administrator

I made the change to LmCompatibilityLevel as suggested, now I’ll see if it will trasck in-out access to the Internet. I’ll let you know…