Toys for the Big Boys! Emsisoft MAMUTU Free for 1 Year!

I could not properly copy the instructions, so instead, visit directly the source of my info. Just follow the link below and you should be able to get your license. I almost had mine, but decided not to follow through. :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t want to slow my pc.

Enjoy. ;D

stupid question but here is comes ;D is Mamutu similar to Defense+?

Thanks for future reply.


mamutu is an ids

mamutu give real alert, comodo just give 80 useless alert.

better stay with D+.
Mamutu slow down the system and has a heavy impact.
many popups and FPs also.

i have try it an i will stay with D+ because this behavior.

this is my opinion about mamutu.

Emsisoft`s EAM 5 ist so far better, it inkludes mamutu technics an more.
but i prefere CIS 5. :wink:

you dont know what is mamutu for sure.

it depends how you configure CIS. You have the opportunity to config CIS so it gives you almost zero.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Thanks for the opinion :slight_smile:

if you wan something like this then better get threatfire
but with the comodo auto-sanbox at partially limited you dont need even that
so i recoment this only if you dont wanna use the comodo sanbox

I like comodo’s sandbox which is set on untrusted.

Take care kine :slight_smile:


mamutu is a behavior blocker and nothing more.
same as threatfire or norton antibot.

of what I have read CIS has bot protection integrated.

mamunut isnt a BB.

Yes it is.

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it isnt.
like comodo can protect you 100% but not.
Mamutu is a IDS something different than BB, Hips, hids.

What exactly do you think a behavior blocker is? I would have thought that the screenshot from Emisoft’s Mamutu site where they are calling Mamutu a behavior blocker would have been enough, but apparently you’re the stubborn sort…

OK, here is a link to the Mamutu page you’ll get if you click on their link The Malware-IDS in detail. Wouldn’t you think that would explain their IDS? Hmmm… They’re calling it a behavior blocker.

I’m also adding a screenshot, but you can scroll down the webpage and read more info…

If you don’t believe the actual developers of the product about what the product actually is, I don’t know what to say… 88)

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Dang I can’t get the free one year key :-[

Greetings all,

Mamutu is a Behavioural Blocker and very strong one.

It will definitely rise mush less alerts even if Paranoid Mode is set
You cannot compare that to the number of Alerts by Defense+, which is fine, because Defense+ is a pure HIPS.

Claims that Mamutu will slow down your system are just not true.
You cannot possibly “feel” it presence. Very low use of resources.
You will not see the difference whatsoever in this respect when using it with Comodo’s Defense+ or without.

I’m using it for a long time (see the signature)

Well, it is just a matter of testing (get 30 days trial… or free offer…whatever) in order to be convinced

At least testing will be helpful in any case. If Comodo will release promised stand-alone BB, then there will be a chance to compare objectively


I’m more interest their Antinalware program.

Hi Petit ,

Emsisoft Anti-Malware (EAM) includes Mamutu.

The latter is the same BB module but made as a separate product for those who are using different AV solutions and other layers of protection, but want to strengthen their existing security by adding just BB layer

My regards