Totally Unusable!

I have used comodo antivirus on my PC’s for a long time and have never had a problem but the mac version is just unusable!

Every time I download a file, move a file or even save a file the antivirus app starts! Shouldn’t it be running in the background and just display an alert if something is detected?

I have had to uninstall it and go back to sophos, I can’t use a system that continually starts the app and display it over my current working window. It is just clumsy!

I had also set it to ignore my externally attached drives that just hold images, but it ignores my ignore list lol and scans them anyway. Sorry, I know it’s free, but at the moment it’s not worth the hassle. I hope a future version works transparently and follows the settings as intended.

Thoroughly disappointed.

Hi Macalf,

Can you give me more information about the issue? What do you mean by “continually starts app”?? Does it show you an alert? Can you please show the a screenshot so that we can fix this for the sake of you and all of other users?

Thanks for your cooperation,

Not any more, I had enough and removed comodo!

But every time I downloaded, moved, saved a file the main app would start up. I mean the one that has the 3 tabs, the one that opens when you choose open from menu bar icon at the top of the screen.

Even if you minimised the app, the next time you did any file actions the window would be restored. Surely you don’t need this app open all the time? And no, no actual alerts showed on screen!

OK, in the spirit of fair play. I have reinstalled comodo and disabled Sophos and have done a screen recording which I have put on youtube.

Watch here Comodo Antivirus Problems - YouTube

You can clearly see, when I save a file, move a file or delete a file the main app becomes active. It doesn’t matter if I minimise or quit the application.

just an FYI an antivirus is always running in the background so it sounds like the main GUI (graphical user interface) keeps appearing which isnt supposed to happen. probably a bug

Yep, I did realise that!!!

Watch the video, it explains it better than writing about it!

Sorry to hear you are having problems.
I use a Mac with Comodo AV and it runs smooth. I even forget that I have it installed it. :smiley:
I only remember when the weekly scan starts automatically.

Well as you can see from the video it’s not exactly smooth for me. I have even turned off on access scanning and it still happens.

By the way, I am using OSX 10.6.8

OK, this only happens on folders that have Folder Actions turned on, I have folder actions to move PDF files and images to appropriate folders.

If I turn off folder actions Antivirus no longer displays.

So there is some interaction between these workflows.

These workflows monitor the folder, it gets the selected finder items, it tests to see if they are of type e.g. image, if it is an image file it is moved to another folder.

etc the same for PDF’s

And officially Mr. you have found a BUG!

Im a previous post, I said that COMODO AV for MAC runs smoothly in my environment.
However, looking your last post, I decided to go further.

So I followed this simple 3 steps procedure:

  1. Open a New Finder Window
  2. Right click on ANY folder
  3. From the right click menu, select FOLDER ACTIONS SETUP

BAM!!! Antivirus APP appears.

I notified egemen about this bug. :wink:

Yes. It sounds like an annoying bug really. Thanks for the report guys. We will fix this asap and let you know.

I thought I couldn’t be the only 1 to experience this! I was checking other background services to see if anything else could be interfering, obviously not.

Thank you w-e-v for confirming my findings :wink:

I look forward to testing the next release :slight_smile:

:-TU Thank you for the ‘spirit of fair play’. :wink: