Torrents, DOS detection and CPF emergency mode

First of all: if i switch to Allow all, i got no problems.

What can i do? It comes to my attention that sometimes my computer informs me with a baloon that the local network’s cable is unplugged. However, i guess this is only up to CPF’s emergency mode.
Do you think it’s possible that there are huge dos attacks? What can i do to avoid emergency mode:

  • lower the tcp/udp/icmp duration times?
  • rise port scan number?
  • lower emergency mode duration?

This problem only exists next to torrents (tried utorrent and Azureus).

Thanks in advance for the ideas!

I think you already know the answer, or at least vaguely :). Any of the top Intrusion Detection settings should affect the chances of emergency mode, but I don’t know the exact numeric values to control it.

This is apparently common with P2P apps. When you exit the app, the systems that were connected to yours continue sending data to you as they don’t know you’ve exited. CFP interprets the incoming data as a stream of unsolicited inbound requests, and thinks its an attack of some sort. It then goes into emergency mode and shts down the LAN connection briefly. Once the defined emergency period is over, the connection is renewed.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I also experienced emergency when running uTorrent (not anymore) or conducting an exploit scan at PCFlank, but my ADSL connection was still active all the way through.

Well…, what is the good solution for this, a newer release?