You can turn off Windows Firewall in Control Panel. The installer tends to forget to turn it off.

if I remember correctly if you turn off Windows Firewall lets say through services.msc; AppStore and few other functionality gets disabled. Don’t remember which.

I use them both, I have set windows firewall to allow all in & out. Don’t have any issues.

You need to leave the Windows Firewall Service running but you can disable Windows Firewall in Control Panel.

Eric, this is really confusing for users because some security software, for example, Webroot, needs the Windows firewall on and / or piggy backs on it.

Also, given that Windows 10 does not allow another AV or some second opinion scanners to run alongside Defender it’s surprising that 2 firewalls are OK.
People will assume there is a dependency between CFW and WFW and that the latter cannot be turned off. It’s time that Comodo devs sorted this bug out, it’s a glaring one. Hope CIS 10 is a good upgrade, when is it due?

Hi Cavehomme,
As Eric said, leave the service active but disable Windows Firewall via the Control Panel.
There is a bug report in the link below.
Windows Firewall not disabled on W10 1511 [M1790]

The knowledgebase article is dated back, but the information is still correct for current versions.


Ah, I was not aware or I’d forgotten that there was a bug fix raised in relation to W10, thanks for that and the other link.

I’m not familiar with Webroot and how it depends on Windows firewall. At the risk of sounding ignorant; I would use Webroot only as on access scanner alongside Comodo Firewall and let Comodo Firewall do the firewall job.

The CIS installers tend to forget to disable Windows Firewall and it happened various times that it ran for hours alongside CIS. It is only after hours when I typically start eMule that I get reminded by a pop up of Windows Firewall. They seem to coexist but I have never tested this. It’s only an impression.