Файрвол не фиксирует трафик

I have instaled Firewall, but it does not operate the network traffic.
Change “Firewall Security Level” does not give any results.
In a mode “to Block all”, the traffic is not blocked.
COMODO Internet Security Helper Service is runing
How to define in what business

Windows 7
CIS ver. 3.13.121240.574
p.s. Sory for my bad English. I use the translator. I hope you me have understood:)

Try running Diagnostics and see what it finds and if it can fix it. Diagnostics can be found under Miscellaneous in the main screen.

When this doesn’t help try a clean install. Uninstall CIS, reboot, use this clean up tool and then install CIS again.

Problem has solved.
Has switched off in properties of connection protocol IPv6