After trying many firewalls eg norton zonealarm and many more i decided to try comodo, really i thikn i fell in love with comodo so here my Q:

Can I marry you comodo ?? if so you pick the date just tell me where and when and I’ll be there!

By far the best and fastest one out there on the market, norton with all its ■■■■ and runs sooo slow and got feeling it doesent even work properly, with comodo now for over year on my pc i havent had a problem since and havent formatted my pc for over 1.5 years, really the bomb this product and for me the end of troubles and formatting, love this product (knock on wood now that i odnt need to format next week :P), but yeah you gyus know what you are doing obviously, maybe norton should marry you , then again BL norton I asked 1st! :■■■■