top urgent. security problem with cb

hi i’m a new member,
today i’ve installed in my office’s server your sw comodo backup. I wanted to test it because i need to change my old sw and to buy a new one. I had a problem after doing my first backup. It was not on your cloud but locally on a external hd of mine. At the end of the backup i choose to save the custom profile, but at that time did not appear the request of the name of the profile, but appeared the window of cloud. It asked for login and password of cloud, data that i haven’t got because i don’t want to save my work archive on a cloud . After a while, before i could do anything, the login windows started blinking and behind i saw a list of files arising on the screen. i stopped immediately the program. I’m writing to ask if it is possible that your sw copied my files somewhere online (without my permission) and now they are available to everyone. All files of my archives are right reserved and patent protected, their security is very important.

the list of files arising said that “i’m processing the file…”

anyone can help me?

Hello. I do not think any of your files were uploaded online. To be uploaded, you would have had to login to an account so the program would know where to upload the files, and then the files would show that they were being “uploaded” instead of “processing”, which most likely means that the program was simply collecting the data of the files that it would need to backup.

No online backup was actually performed.

I do not know for certain the current status of Comodo Backup or Comodo Cloud, but it seems that development has been suspended as it is even difficult to get help form the Comodo Support page for the products now.