Top Home Page recommendations ?

Wondered how many Home Pages others have used and liked?

Not those that just gives a page full of links but rather “Uptodate News” Sports, Entertainment, Travel, Weather, etc. Also choices of local news, links to local papers from the surrounding area, and local radio and tv links.

I have used Netscape, seen, AOL, and Comcast and currently use MSN.

As for as local news MSN finally has a link to the local paper, before the link was for a paper an hour north and two hours east.

Thanks for the recommendations. I know there a quite a few.


Well Google is good for me…i like the way the news section is laid out and how i can get a sampling of different tech stories.

I like iGoogle. You can set it up to show you whatever you’re interested in.

Google. I use it and I find always what I want. If you want news, you better use iGoogle.