Top AVs ~ How does Comodo AV 3.9 stack up to others?

Comodo Firewall is top of list compared to other firewalls but I was curious about the new Comodo 3.9 AV.
Does it give GREAT protection?

I checked around on different reviews before the 3.9 was released and it seems that Avira is #1 in all but 2 reviews I read, which they place Comodo AV at #2 and had Avast at #1. Avast and also Bitdefender were higher then the previous Comodo AV in all of the reviews I have read. The ones I have read has Comodo placed about 6 on a top 10 list for free AVs. And I didnt find Comodo AV on any top 5 reviews for free AVs. I currently am using the Comodo 3.9 AV, should I switch? I mean would Bit defender even with only on demand scanning better off for me then Comodo AV? From allot of the reviews about the previous Comodo AV is had tons of False Positives.

So does the new Comodo AV offer GREAT protection vs all(spyware, rootkits etc. etc.)

Is the Comodo AV still going False Positive crazy?

How much better is the 3.9s AV compared to the last version?

Is Bitdefender better?
Can I get Bitdefender and still use Comodo AV?

Ok scratch that NO BITDEFENDER! Want to talk about resource hog…this is one lol

Dangerous topic here 88),

IMHO bitdefender isn’t a bad scanner, but it has been bypassed by Comodo. You will find limited FP’s in CIS, but even less in Bitdefender. On recource usage, well… bitdefender is like an elephant compared to CIS (mouse ;D) while the mouse protects you better



Where’s the proof that CIS is better ? I can show you tons of BitDefender tests. Show me CIS tests. ;D

Let’s turn the question around. Where is a new test where Comodo comes out against Bitdefender :). There is none and you know it also 88)


Why agains BitDefender in particular ? Show me any CIS tests performed by well know tets labs :slight_smile:

I was asking the same : Why, because there are none yet :).

Why bitdefender, donno, because he asked it ;D.


So in conclusion - COMODO should shut up about being superior to others till we see some test results. :slight_smile:

(And not COMODO’s test results)

Funny you say that given your history as a mod . I know we’ve talked a lot about this but now ive got to dissagree . Comodo made a big improvement the last months.
Also, comodo never stated that they’re better then anyone else . I said that in my opinion comodo is better then bitdefender. As you know i’m a comodo volenteer moderator and i do not say anything on comodo’s behalf !


Read Melih’s bragging carefully :slight_smile:

When looking at Defense+, it’s a top notch product. The antivirus is slowly getting to the top. Can you please direct me to his posts that “are interesting” (have to say it this way as a lack of a better word ?). I don’t want to crawl through his many posts ;D


“Our heuristics are better than all AV’s COMBINED while still having very low FP count.”

“I can provide 100 malware that bypass G-Data, Online Armor and a bunch of other scanners but not bypass CIS”

Defense + is as smart as the user, so when Melih says that CIS prevented Conflicter on day zero, he’s wrong. WE - users prevented it, because we knew when to press Block

CIS only gave a popup, that is not informative :slight_smile:

Come on. It’s not just “only a popup”. Thanks to D+ people at least got a chance. They have no chance with AVs that lack proper signatures.

They have no chance with AVs that lack proper signatures.
True. But a lot of people use not only AV's, but AV's and some kind of firewall or security suites.

The point is - Melih says that AV’s are the technology of the XX century. And in a way it’s true. But AV’s while not being able to intercept as many treats as D+ or other HIPS can, are much more intelligent than HIPS. Cos if an AV detects 90 % of malware, you can be sure it’s malware when it detects something (there are FP’s of course). HIPS will flag pretty much everything.

COMODO implemented an AV into CIS and that allowed them (with whitelisting) to significantly reduce the number of popups, because with an AV in place they could disable advanced protection features in D+

Come on. It's not just "only a popup". Thanks to D+ people at least got a chance

True again, but to utilize the power of D+ you have to be computer savvy. While the AV will clearly tell you if it’s malware if it has it’s signature.

I’m listening. Now what’s your conclusion? (I’ve always loved conclusions :D)

LOL. ;D The conclusion is - AV’s are STILL a better choice for general public. They don’t nag you as much as HIPS, they do everything by themselves with no confusing questions. Set and forget.

I’m not saying popups are bad. But CIS D+ popups lack info and recomendations on what to do. :slight_smile: (Threatcast provides stats, but you can’t blindly believe them)

What about Keygens, or tracking cookies they detect ? People freak out when they see them, even when they’re not even a danger.
Also, what about all the FP’s ? For example Avira ? It could destroy their system and they’re actually going to be happy about it :stuck_out_tongue:


I did mention FP’s. Keygens ? That’s illegal in the first place ;D

HIPS have a lot higher “FP” rate than AV’s :slight_smile:

OK, thanks. :wink:

As for the best choice: Personally I can’t tell what I think is best for the general average user, since I haven’t been such a user in a long time. Thus I can’t tell whether a top notch AV or a “decent” (?) AV + HIPS is preferable. I do know the ambition of Comodo though (you do as well), so in a few months I’m sure CAV will be able to compete in the very top. With or without Defense+.

As for popups: I don’t really agree on your view on the information provided in the popups, there are hints in many of them.

You can check out and for AV results. Av comparitives did not test COMODO, but it gives a general idea.

Hints ? Hints that tell you absolutely nothing solid.

Let’s say you are trying something that’s not used by many people and it’s not on CIS whitelist. You’ll see a popups or few of them telling you - This might be a safe application to use, but this method is also used by malware and bla bla bal, if you’re sure this app is safe - allow it. So in any case - CIS is right. ;D If allowed a program to run and it was indeed safe - good. If you allowed it and it was malware - your fault - CIS gave you a popup.

D+ popups are only a bit better than UAC on Vista.