Tools you can use to create videos yourself !

Hey guys,

here are some tools and tips you can use to make some videos yourself.

Video software (freeware)
Wink : Homepage - Download
Camstudio : Homepage - Download - how to use Camstudio
BB FlashBack Express (thanks go to SS26) : Homepage - Download


BB FlashBack Express (free)

Most responsible solution i found so far to record moving animation :-\

I use Camstudio.

Thanks alot for application links and names

About BB FlashBack Express (free). There is a restriction of free version of BB: you would need 3rd party encoder (like XVid) to make normal videos (.avi).

More related info is in BB help manual.

more link here

I use Tipcam software, its FREE as well, very easy to use.

you mean this

Yes Valentin N

okey :slight_smile: Could you tell me if it uses alot of space while recording?

it records it in flv, avi formats, it takes very less space, its fast and it has many other features for editing video, uploading it directly to youtube etc, zooming also available, Try it you will love it.

I will try it :slight_smile: Thanks