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Hmmm… Wonder what others think.


Bundling SafeSurf with a stupid toolbar was really a bad decision, I wouldn’t care if the toolbar was a completely separate option (preferably opt-in, not opt-out), but bundling it with some functionality is really bad, there are better ways to get SafeSurf working only in browsers.

Since you asked:

I think that installing the ASK toolbar by default with CFP 3 was a huge mistake.

This toolbar has a dodgy history, and is to this day still flagged by many security apps. You can call them all false positives, but knowledgeable folks just won’t believe it. The fact that you can opt out of this toolbar does not mitigate the damage done to Comodo’s reputation.

It comes down to trust. When folks perceive a security app installing a toolbar that has no security value, for no purpose other than to earn $$ for the author, that trust is lost.

It’s a pity, because I really believe CFP 3 is a great FW otherwise.

Well with Donna’s posting this am I see one of her minions has found its way here to spread their vemon.
The simple truth is if they would warn of the toolbar instead, of condem the firewall program it would make more sense, I wonder now about these self appointed security experts

If you don’t want the toolbar then don’t install it. Simply uncheck it. Its that easy. Nobody is forcing you to use it. Comodo is an absolutely free firewall. Stop complaining already.


Josh asked what others thought, and I gave an honest opinion, not a complaint. Your response is insulting.

I have been promoting CFP in other forums as the best FW extant, and am concerned about the backlash in the security comunity about this issue.

Even so I understand your concern. But as it is right now Comodo is the best and most powerful firewall out there. Just cause some toolbar comes pre packaged now with it doesn’t mean a thing. Melih needs to make money somehow cause Comodo is absolutely free. The toolbar doesn’t mean Comodo’s reputation will be ruined because till you can find better security for free, Comodo will always remain on top. (B)

Comodo - Bad judgement call - I expected better from you!!! Time to find another company I can trust!

Note this comment: source:

"toolbars?! I’d rather pay a reputable company for their work / expertise/ product/ time & have something which adds value to my machine, than deal with ‘support comodo by downloading our fax software’ sitting on the forever-“free” firewall which eventually turns mal. Nothing wrong with earning an honest living. I’d sooner have seen “upgrade to our full version for $X.00 which offers these additional features, or continue using this free without (malware) strings attached.”

There is something very wrong with either the ethics or judgment of someone when a product is widely acknowledged as the absolute best in its class & everyone else is scrambling to keep up/ beat it… & rather than selling itself legitimately, the fortunate company in this position resorts to insinuating malware onto my computer!

When the toolbar is offered as an optional install there is nothing wrong with it. Do not install it if you don’t like it.

I think that the main issue here is that toolbars have had a bad reputation for a long time.
However it’s explained, most people wn’t read the explanation and will shy away from a toolbar.
The fact that it’s optional will be missed by most also.

If only a minority make indignant posts across forums, Comodo will get a bad reputation from this. Readers in forums will just see ‘toolbar’ and Comodo’ and avoid CFP without bothering to find out more.

I agree that Comodo will get a much undeserved reputation, and i shouldn’t. As the best Firewall out there people should be dang glad they can still get it free. Place like that so called update calendar and the clowns who grace its forums will do all they can to bring down the Firewall. Rather than inform the users of the toolbar. So who cares where you or I surf, not me, I have nothing to hide. And what I do wish to hide Comodo bars those from entering the PC.
Melhi, good job and thanks

Development is still going on & you will see improvements in the future.


I suppose there’s no straight answer, but the truth is toolbars do indeed have a bad reputation, for a good reason.
Yes, i can uncheck it from install, like i did.

To the question if i want to help Comodo - not like this. I will never install it. One thing you can count on me for, is my honest opinion. I make mistakes, bad judgement, but i always try to be honest.

Comodo was supposed to earn reputation and brand awareness with these free programs, specially the firewall. Then make money with businesses, by insuring trust in the internet, remember?
I think they succeeded, the brand is known, as Melih himself has showed us with google trends.
Every user is doing their part, spreading the word.

Perhaps not enough money is being made? I doubt it. It’s not that it’s gone bad, but this is not what i associate a security company with. Look, all AV’s that detect it as adware probably had that sig for a while. This is not an attack on Comodo, the toolbar is simply known.

I don’t know. Long night, have to sleep on it…