Tool to help recovering your pc if CTM kills it

Would it not be a great idea if comodo would publish a tool that help the none computer guru’s to recover there pc if it got damaged by the CTM installer/uninstaller? We should not forget that lately most pc’s get shipped without official windows installation disks. Even so without windows RE or PE. The only solution for those people is to call help from a friend or to go to a repair shop. That last option might cost them though. So I suggest that comodo creates some tool which can create a repair CD or USB flash key. Don’t forget that netbooks do not have a CD or DVD player. Ever tried to put your windows setup disk (supposing you have one) into your USB socket? Not possible unless you spend money in buying an USB CD player.

Thus comodo add some downloadable program or script to your site which will create a recovery/repair disk or USB flash key. Or add a feature like that to the Advanced screen of the next CTM release. It only need to configure a CD or USN flash key to be bootable and then put the required windows tolls on that disk/USB flash key. It sure would help a lot of people and it will make a lot less angry.

FYI, windows 7 does have an easy way to create a repair disk (you can find it an the maintenance menu), but it can not be used for USB flash keys. So it’s rather useless if you have a netbook with windows 7.

How about COMODO make a program that doesn’t trash computers in the first place??

Good point! But as long as they can’t, then at least give the users some help in repairing there pc.

It seems that when your computer is trashed…like mine…it is because the MBR is trashed.
AFAIK, that means game over and re-format the hard disk.
Over my shoulder right now is a 5lb Toshiba paperweight awaiting just such a task.
I have copies of my files on a USB drive but all the programs need re-installing. Some programs are 8+ years old…where are those keys?
Gee, I am so happy I could spit.
Here is the kicker though: i was a fan of Comodo…and user…all those years.
To the point that I did not feel it necessary to do my usual careful research before installing a new program.
Despite bad press on the forums it remained up on their website.
Result is a Comodo product trashed my laptop.
BUT Comodo also trashed their hard-earned reputation.

Than as long as they can’t, they shouldn’t offer this program as a download until it’s fixed!!!