Too much CPU usage.

the cleaner_validater.exe service uses way to much cpu resources and time. I have it installed on my system and also have CIS installed. I have had the computer running a total of 75 hours. In the time Cleaner validator has uses almost 6 hours of the cpu while the second hiest has been cmdagent at 46 minutes. So lets to do the math. in 74 hours CV.exe has uses the cpu 8% and cmdagent has used it 1% of the total time. So the cleaning application uses the cpu about 800% more then the Security suite.

Maybe one of the devs can look at this and have it fixed soon. Till then, I have to manuall kill CV.exe while running resource heave apps becasue it interferes with them and slows the system just enough to drive me nuts.


Cleaner_validater.exe uses cpu only when your CPU or one of your CPU cores are IDLE. It needs to perform certain tasks in backgound. It will not slow your computer down!. However, in the next version an optimised version of this service will be released.

but does it really do that much more then CIS does? Also I have had a few instances where my cpu was loaded and cleaner validater was also running a task and slowing down the computer to the point where I had to kill it. For some reason it did not stop doing what it was doing.

sorry but off topic… i would really like to use this software but i had a few problems with the current version. when is the next version planned to be released?

when is the next version planned to be released?
That's a good question, there would probably be another beta before they release the next official version. For the actual date: I have no idea :-La

At the very least, you don’t need to worry about software expatriation dates :slight_smile:

i would really like to replace ccleaner with this but it still has to many bugs and i am waiting for this next release but it seems like it will never be released. hopefully they release it soon or at least some info

Yeah, I was testing it too at one point some problems and issues forced me to move back to CCleaner until it is safer to use; I do plan on keeping an eye on its progress from time to time though. :wink:

This morning a few minutes after starting up, a pop up stating that there was an update for CSC. After completion it sounded as if CSC was automatically checking and cleaning. (Active Clean was OFF)

CPU usage was increased for Cleaner_Validator, checked via Task Manager half way through.

Wondered if an option could be made, that after an update all CSC scans are done when the user is shutting down the PC (or no longer required if they do a manual scan)

If a user never shuts their PC Off then allow the user to set a time.

Thanks Again

Cleaner_Validator eats CPU time so comp got slowed down. There were even troubles with internet connection.
When I stopped ‘COMODO System - Cleaner Service’ in Windows Services then this voracious Cleaner_Validator stops eating CPU time. And things got better.

I have 1 CPU core so when does Cleaner_validater.exe use cpu?


Please wait for the next beta version, or the final release. The CPU usage for Cleaner_Validator.exe will be significantly improved.

when is the next beta going to be released?

The screen shows “Loading” eternally and nothing else happens. I have been using CSC for several months (win 7 ultimate 32 bits), this problem started two days ago.

CSC is meant to be for optimizing system not for killing the system

Developer of CSC must learn something from Advanced System Care, Tune up utilities and advanced system optimizer… specially from Advanced System Care …they have improved a lot… but CSC takes up CPU usage to above 95%…

yes u r right

What they should do is make the priority for the background process as low. :slight_smile:


That process priority is actually idle. But anyway, the problem is fixed now with the launch of System Utilities Beta, the new name for CSC. We’ll have a Final Release soon.

I don’t like the cleaner_validater.exe running in the background too, but it scans your computer frequently so that you don’t have to wait when you start CSC and clean it immediately. I usually terminate it at windows startup, because I have a cpu meter on sidebar and love seeing it flat, but I have to wait up to one min to finish scanning before cleaning. Here’s the CPU usage on my computer. Refresh rate 3 secs = 1 scan each minute.

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