Too many sites to count are failing, NET::ERR_CERTIFICATE_TRANSPARENCY_REQUIRED

So yesterday evening, sites started failing with error NET::NET::ERR_CERTIFICATE_TRANSPARENCY_REQUIRED

Looking this up, it is a known issue with older Chrome versions and site with Symantec certs, and was fixed in 55.0.2883.75. That is the ONLY fix other than going back even farther in older versions.

The problem is, the latest version of Comodo is 55.0.2883.59.

Is Comodo going to get anywhere near a current version, or do I need to just dump it at this point?

Well I just received an update notification that a new version of dragon is available but I have not yet allowed it to update yet. So you can expect a release announcement soon sometime today for the new version.

In order to get a ton of sites to work again, I had to move BACK to 52.x. So of course I got the New Version notification.

But I just downloaded from their site, and the newest is now 57.0.2987.92

I’ll have to test it later tonight.

Yep, same thing for me, especially Amazon sites.

Comodo, help a brother out.