Too many Q when installing or updating

Friends at Comodo

I am confused as to how the Comodo firewall is supposed to work.
Here is an example:
I wanted to install a Bomgar Representative software on my computer. Ok, it starts fine but then the Comodo kicks in. I tell it OK to install. Ok, then it again asks for confirmation. I say OK again. Then it asks again and I tell Comodo that the .exe is a trusted application. Then it again asks and again asks and again… I also tried to tell Comodo that the .exe is an installer or update but the same happens. I am tired of getting interrupted all the time by twenty to thirty Comodo “Do you want to allow…”! The same happens with almost any program that I install regardless of what settings I choose.

Is that the way it is supposed to work? I do not remember it behaving that way until lately.

My system is
IBM Thinkpad T61P
Vista Ultimate SP1
Latest Comodo (…368)

I am getting tired of this. I like Comodo but this is too much.

Thanks for any suggestions

please post a screenshoot of those alerts an the name of the installer.

Hi Calle,

Do you switch to “Installation Mode” when installing something.
Also when you answer an that an .exe is an installer or updater do you tick remeber my answer.

Have a look in Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy,to see if the .exe has been given the policy required.


Please also see my sticky