Too many deletable registry entries!


  • I recently installed Comodo registry Cleaner, but when I want to scan it gives me a warning, which is stating I need to close any open applications, otherwhise I risk to damage my registry hives… BUT does this mean I also need to close applications running in the background like the Comodo firewall and my antivirus ???

  • I use Tune up Utilities and it also has an registry cleaner… When I scan with with this registry cleaner it only finds 10 problems… BUT when I scan with CRC it finds… do not be shocked… It finds more than 900 registry entries that can be deleted… :o :o

You see I am a bit shocked it finds so much entries… and I doubt the reliability of the program now a bit… There is just a very big difference between Tune up and CRC and I do not know what is correct… :-\

Is it safe to let CRC delete al those entries ???

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In my opinion you don’t have to disable firewall/antivirus, just close any other apps. you have opened.

As for the number of entries CRC found, no one here can’t possibly tell if they’re all safe. However, you know, the aim of the CRC team is to make CRC a truly safe registry cleaner. I don’t think they’ve achieved it yet, though. E.g. HP programs may suffer from cleaning in CRC.

At least take a brief look at the entries before you delete anything! I’m sure many of them are safe but maybe not all of them. Keep the backups for a while, try out some things you usually do to make sure that your system works fine after cleaning. :wink:


I think if anything, you should leave all your programs running because that’ll then prevent CRC from deleting the important registry entries that are in use ;D

really ???
but the “this may cause damages to your registry hives” warning sounds serious 88)

Well, there’s that precaution to take into consideration. It’s there to point out the fact that certain programs can conflict with CRC running at the same time. That’s why sometimes we see posters’s screenshots of “CRC has an encountered an error”. I guess I forgot the other side :-X

Oh well, it’s a dilemma :Beer.

I guess it’s true that running applications while CRC performs its thing would prevent CRC from deleting some entries. On the other hand, this will only prevent entries in general from getting deleted, rather than preventing only the dangerous ones… I think. What I mean, basically, is that running applications will prevent CRC from deleting both safe and non-safe entries. That’s my guess. :-La


So if I want to be on the safe side I must not use CRC now at the moment, because there is a chance I damage my windows… right?

I believe this is the case with almost every reg-cleaner out there… I wouldn’t even call CCleaner an exception here, although IMO it’s close.

There’s currently no reg-cleaner in the world I would use on a production/work/school PC, but on my own PC, I’m willing to try almost any cleaner. :wink:


Than I have to get one pc like yours! …hmmmmm… (:WIN)

No it won’t prevent deletion. There are some cases when entries are really blocked, but do not apply in this case.

Now let me clear up what the warning means:
Let’s say your windows is updating. While doing this the update might first write registry entries then copy files to disk. Some registry entries might point to those files. If in the same time CRC is scanning, it will see those entries as invalid, as the update installer has not yet copied files to disk. If you would clean in such case you will damage the installation… and if we speak about Windows update you will probably not be able to boot your system.

In case of other applications usualy this does not happen. Or at least we did not find yet such problems. But, just in case we consider you have to be warned about such problems.

Thanks for clarifying. As for your example, I hope no one gets the idea to use CRC while performing a Windows update. In my opinion the warning you provide in CRC before scanning (“close running applications”) is sufficient. If people don’t understand such a warning they should leave all their system care to someone else…


man o man! this sounds bloody serious… what happens if you are running the registry cleaner automated and windows update is also automated… ??? huh ? well say goodbye to your precious vista machine! ironically how these 2 programs are meant to make your pc better but ending up making it sicker and sicker… >:(

I think Comodo should take this issue more in consideration and prevent this from happening to novice users!

So basically, when CRC is scheduled to run, you want it to detect if Windows Automatic Updates (WAU) - or perhaps something else that is scheduled to run (defragmenter or whatever) - by any chance is running at the same time? I guess it could happen… Here’s the wishlist. :wink:


Yes! that is a great idea… thank god for the wish lists … You don’t mind I am adding actually a feature to the wish list you are suggesting ? (:WIN)

I don’t mind, it’s a reasonable wish. :wink:


I have personally and professionally used Tune Up Utilities registry cleaner for the past couple of years. It was recommended to me by another computer tech as being the best he had found and I have had very good luck with it. Once in a while, when things are really screwed up, it can cause more problems than it fixes, but that is rare. You keep running the program until you come up with zero errors, if you can get to that point, then you know you have everything cleaned. I have had over a thousand errors on one customer’s computer so the number of errors really doesn’t matter. If the errors are there, then they are there. I use it personally on all 3 of my computers with very good success and trust it more than any others that I know of. Also, just FYI, AVG came out wth a new version, 8.0. It works great for getting rid of trojan horse downloaders as well as viruses, spyware and tracking cookies. It automatically corrects trojan horses and viruses which it calls infections. It also automatically takes care of spyware, which has its own tab. The tracking cookies are found under the tab called warnings and you must remove those manually by simply going to scan history and opening the last scan then click on the warnings tab and in the lower right corner click on remove unhealed infections or something like that. I think AVG 8.0 is better than anything on the market. I have not found anything that you have to pay for that works better, and this is free. You can set it up to update the database and program updates just before running the scan. I have my scan run at 1 a.m. It has been able to get rid things such as a trojan horse downloader that installed itself in 20 different locations and if you did not get all 20, it would go out and get all 20 again. Between AVG 8.0 free edition and Tune Up Utilities registry cleaner, I keep my computer running great as well as about 30 of my customers. It is hard to get them to get rid of the warnings at first, but they catch on before too long. I know that is a bit off subject but very useful information.

Yes I agree, Tune up is a safe registry cleaner and more secure when rescue center is active… also it is more user friendly because it has a integrated registry editor and it has search and far more information than other registry cleaners… it tells you what you are deleting and helping you that way to make a good decision.

As for AVG, yes I agree it is a very valuable program when you need something to be detected, but for rootkits and web protection it is not that good. I think AVG Internet Security can give that additional protection. Also their firewall is not that good as the Comodo firewall… But AVG Free is a very good program if you just do e-mail and internet and do not do risky stuff on the net…

Hey Darth and Everyone!

Same dilemma here. I’m looking at a list of 1016 errors on the CRC program I just downloaded the other day from Comodo.

I also have two other registry cleaners. One is PC Tools Registry Mechanic version which I bought and have let the update renewal license lapse for updates and/or upgrades (using Windows XP so won’t upgrade until I install Vista if I do), Norton WinDoctor version which is part of Norton SystemWorks (Utilities) Basic Edition Version: 2007.10.00 Build: 113, and finally CCleaner v2.14.750.

I used them FIRST and their results were not “identical”, but they were within the same ball park. CCleaner was the least aggressive with Registry cleaner being probably the most aggressive when compared to the Norton product. I CLEANED from all three programs and they were all “zeroed” out except for one entry in Norton’s WinDoctor that could not be deleted.

So now they (all three) show I have a “clean” registry. Now I run CRC cleaner and I get 1016 entries. Like you I have become “leery” at such difference. Is CRC just too aggressive? Or is CRC just much more thorough and exceptional at what it does? So I sitting here with this list wondering what to do. If it is truly “junk” then of course I would like to delete it, but what if it is not?

Oh I saw this mentioned in another thread, but I THOUGHT “Unsafe” entries" meant that they were UNSAFE to have on your system like a virus and you better delete them! The wording should be changed. Luckily, a moderator explained that “Unsafe entries” meant it may be unsafe to remove them.

Hey Darth have you seen the video entitled “What Really Happened After The Death Star Blew Up”? It has some adult language, but it is hilarious.

Here is the link and I warn you about the adult language, but it is a hoot and I thought of it when I saw your name.


For fun I also downloaded another Registry cleaner mentioned on this forum called RegSeeker ver 1.55. As you recall CRC gave me 1016 items which I have not cleaned, but RegSeeker even gave me a bigger number, i.e. 1455. :THNK :smiley:

Hi FLLegal!

yeah, that is one funny clip… (:LGH)… Now you showed everyone that even DARTH VADER screws up… and he is somehow not as tough as he looks like… feel embarrassed a bit now (:SHY) … heheh… (:WIN)…

Those reg entries found by CRC and Regseeker may maybe only show that they are doing a great job in cleaning the registry… (:WIN)… I just got the guts to try cleaning when I found all those entries and guess what ? huh ??? NO problems man! But I did left the “unsafe entries” untouched and my pc runs better now…

But I suggest not to run CRC too much… (:WIN)

Have a nice day!