Too many Defense+ popups when using windows update ( beta)

Today I had loads of windows updates patches applied through the Windows Automatic Updates service.

I had loads of defense+ popups. I was clicking Allow and Remember for each alert, and even trying to mark the applications as trusted, but the same ones kept coming up.

I think one of the issues is that one of the frequent popups was for “Update” process, but I later realised that actually there were many different update.exe processes being run. I definitely feel that the full path and filename need to be shown to aid the user in deciding whether the executable being run is an expected action.

There were loads of other related alerts though - svchost calling update, which called other processes, etc.

There were other alerts where system restore files were being modified, but each file had a guid in it, so there were loads of alerts for the same sort of operation, and no way to say “accept all like this…”.

I’m wondering how many other people saw loads of popup alerts today, and what they did to get through them with the minimum of fuss, without turning off Defense+ :wink:

Hi, Same problem here, I think tha main issue is that Defense + doesn’t really know what to do -except for the applications on the safe list- that’s the problem of HIPS when HIPS depends upon user imput to allow or disallow an action…
You see It’s not very clever because the user often get’s tired of the popups and starts saying “allow” without taking the time to read what the alerts say…

Noticed the same thing and got real tied of clicking allow and remember and okay. Sometimes I just wondered if it did remember. What will happen on the next update?