Too many alerts!

I keep having to authorize the same programs over and over again. I realize it’s alerting me each time for different reasons (TCP vs UDP, differing destinations, and such). When I look at the Application Monitoring section, I see where it’s “remembered” the same app multiple times, but for different reason. I’ve found that I can edit each app that I fully trust, and check “Allow All Activities”, and that consolidates most of the “rules” into one. But there are some apps, that even thought I do that, still pop up with more alerts, and remember each of those as a separate rule.

My question is: Why is this happening? For instance, I have a rule for Firefox that says Destination Range:, Protocol TCP/UDP In/Out, yet it has alerted me and created rules for specific destinations and ports. Why doesn’t the first one cover it.

And for an enhancement request, why not add another button for something like “Always trust this app to do anything, no matter what and never alert me again for it”. It would save a LOT of clicks. You could put under it a link to a help page titled “What do I risk by doing this?”

Have you scanned for known apps security/tasks), and do you have “do not show alerts for apps certified by comodo” checked (security/advanced/misc)?

Also, if you’re generating alerts and rules that are Direction, Protocol, IP and Port specific, that would seem to indicate that your Alert Frequency (Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous) is set to High or Very High.

You might double-check that. Yes, that will cause a lot of alerts.


That’s a really good point, that options should be checked by default. Nice thing to know.

The “do not show alerts…” IS checked by default if you install with auto.
The alert frequency is at low by default.