Too far off topic!!

Someone calling himself “Dean Kelly” is cluttering up this forum with objectional messages! We need a moderator who will purge this stuff and block this guy from access.

I am completely flooded by mail from this person in on my e-mail-account, so I think this forum is wide open for spammers.
If Comodo can’t stop this spam I’m getting via this forum right away I’m stopping beta-testing!!!

Peter Zwitser

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■■■■■ Spam - member - Dean Kelly

I’ve also recieved numerous emails from this Dean Kelly, canät seem to find moderator email or how to report abusive user… any1 knows how to do that?

Click the button in the post with the words “Report to moderator”.

I have received the same spam rubbish from the same source. This has got to stop.
On this forum we are talking Comodo security in various ways for our PC’s and if we are getting spammed through the forum, when certainly I for one marked my details “hide my email address”, then
something is seriously wrong.

very mad hollingwood

The only e-mails i received where the notifications i configured to receive, which happened to be notifications that the spammer was sending me PM’s.

I as well have typically hidden my e-mail on forums, which only makes it available to the forum moderators.

I’m getting them by PM.

Like I said we have taken care of it, hopefully we will never have to see this happen again.

forum spam is something that affects all the forums. We have taken action against this. But being realistic, we can never 100% stop spam unless we put a block into each post and review it before posting, which will be really restrictive.

I hope these new measures will help mitigate the risk further.
thank you for all your support guys!


I am active on a number of forums and they all get hit. Not just here. No one likes to open their PM and see the “north pole” but I am not going to get so upset as to lose sleep over it. Some people get so frantic, lol, this is life and life happens, nothing is perfect. Um, I uh, mean except for Comodo products!! Come on people, look at the size of the forums, I think the moderators deserve an ((applause ))not a whining… “snif, I am mad now, either you help me or i’m telling!” I am not being a smart “you know”, but it’s childish and that is a fact. Perhaps I am unfortunate to have bigger things going on in my life than to get so upset over a spammer, I don’t know.
Where else do you actually get acknowleged like on Comodo forums huh? Other forums are very closed and cold so give these guys\gals\whoever a break.

Have a good day,

Paul (B) (J) (L) (R) (S) ;D

Thanks Melih (R)

very mad hollingwood
yes? ;D

I am getting quite popular here 8) … hey, I have copyrights

"snif, I am mad now, either...

Please guys, dont be MAD at this forum…because thats me ::slight_smile:
(just joking ;D )

I thought Alfred E. Neuman had that copyright! That’s it, you’re in trouble now!

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Hey Paul,

With all due respect, how would it be if someone opened the pronographic email in front of their kids? Or opened while they were on the works LAN (we monitor all incoming web data for appropriateness at work)? Most of us can just shrug it off, but it can affect others dramatically.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Paul: Tx for cutting us a break, but I agree with Ewen. I’ve also seen this happen on several forums, it’s unfortunate that this happened here, and we’ll do our best to prevent it from happening again - but it still is something we’ll always address seriously. And, with the help of our users, and newly knighted moderators, we will.

To my extreme chagrin and annoyance I also received the Dean Kelly messages as private messages, even though my e-mail address is hidden. Someone here suggested pushing the report to moderator button. However there does not seem to be such a button in private mesages. I do hope that the forum admins will be able to prevent a recurrence of this. BTW, perhaps an option could be provided to opt out of receiving private messages.

Ignorelist: Add one Username on each line. Or enter * to ignore all messages
Hi, this is from the profile section of the forum,"personal message options".If you enter the* will this not block all ■■■?

I don’t know. Will it? What does “ignore” mean? Not being notified and not being noted at the top of the page, or what?

Hmmm not sure, I think maybe it won’t let the message get through.

Hi, also was wondering if all of the option checkboxes were left unticked if that will do the same thing? ???