Too expensive

I was expecting another free tool. Instead I got sticker shock. And I didnt like the fact that I had to sign up for something just to do a security scan. There are tons of security scans out there that are totally free for just visiting the website and clicking on a buton - no forms to fill out, just do it. This identity tracking is grating on me. This is about the only beef I have with Comodo is it’s identity tracking stuff. With all the identity theft going on in the world, I would have thought a security firm would have realized that they should not be contributing to the problem.

I don’t understand your objections.

The one time scan is free. If you want continual use of the service, there is a fee.

As for registration: I’m glad they require it. Otherwise, how could they verify your identity before beginning a action that could be viewed as hostile by any attentive administrator? I know that if I see portscans and dictionary attacks from anywhere, I get a little defensive and blackhole the source right before I send log files to their upstream provider.

I agree. To mention, I didn’t get sticker shock as hacker guardian is not under the free tools list. It was quite clear to me it was a free scan , pay after. No problem registering here. Let’s put that aside for a moment and suppose this is simply a way to let people get a taste before they buy, I see it as this…we get ENOUGH free products from Comodo, and if hacker guardian isn’t free, so what? I would be perfectly content just with the FULL FREE FIREWALL. Free is great but people have to eat.



i agree people have to eat as said here,a 1 off payment i think would be better.if we got good updates 2 i would by,maybe @ $29.95 per month for home users is a bit strong.i thank comodo for there free stuff,& im very pleased what thay have given us.i can understand the price for business mind.


I would like to second the thoughts mentioned above.

The price seems to be a bit too high.

Can you please lower the prices (L)

The product is aimed at servers, not desktop PC’s. Nessus used to be a free product, now they charge for a subscription to the vulnerability database. Comodo is offsetting that cost as well as the cost of maintaining hardware and network by charging a fee. The last time I used Nessus myself, it transferred a little over 100M while scanning a single host one time. Couple the network usage with the $1200 annual vulnerability subscription, then add hardware costs and staff and you have a non-trivial line item for your budget.

Free is good! (:TNG)

Fair is better (:KWL)

WOW !!! I really can’t understand the whining over Comodo’s “prices”… Fer cryin’ out LOUD folks, they give you a Very Good and FREE Firewall, Anti-Virus, and other progs, and HOLY SCHMOKES !!! They have the AUDACITY to have products that are NOT free… Well, Hang 'em High, Right !? Give it a break and enjoy the free services ! I Am !!
I think the folks at Comodo are doing a great job, especially for the home PC user. They don’t HAVE to give ANYTHING away… But they do… And in my opinion, some really great products too !

So, kick back, relax, and enjoy some safer surfing… For FREE !!! (:KWL)

And when you combine this product with Hackersafe it is cheap. Hackersafe costs a lot more (about 160$ I dunno how much it was exactly).


Why cry about it when they charge a fee here and there for some of their products? Do you expect these people to bust their bums working day and night to offer free protection without getting anything in return? They have to make a living somehow. I think it’s great that they offer free protection to home users since most people can’t afford good protection. Anything out of the ordinary home protection, they should charge for. You want free protection besides what Comodo already offers for free, go to planned parenthood.

I can understand your beef about the price of hacker prevention software, but as an IS student and professional, the price for pc security and peace of mind, is never too great.

i’ve got a question.
A simple Home PC user, without valuous data in his PC really needs that service??
If you are an advanced user, you need the service, but i doubt an advnced user needed of this service was a student.

Seems to me the price is irrelevant.

I just went through a year of pure hell with another vendor’s products, nothing but hassles. I won’t name them of course, but their initials are ZA! Comodo stepped up and offered a top notch program for FREE, so what else should one ask for? They’ve done more than their part, and with no hassles and without glutting up my machine.

I need to upgrade another part of my security, so guess who I’m going to go to? They’ve earned my respect, and now they’ve EARNED my money, and no, I can’t really afford it. But because Comodo helps me with a free firewall I can take what I would have spent and expand security. I get value for my money with Comodo, plus security and peace of mind. Sounds like a deal to me…

I think they should low the price becuase they alot company doing cheap

Why all the whining about prices??? >:( I mean, be happy with what Comodo offers for free…!!! They are doing a great job, so please if something has a pricetag on it, I think they are allowed to do that. They indeed have to eat also. So stop whining and enjoy Comodo…

Heyt guys just thought I would add my two-bits worth.

Regardless of status, knowledge, or lifes general conditions its is human nature to want more, for as little outlay as possible. However good things take time, the best things in life aren’t free etc… there is a million for and against scenairo’s.

End of the day as an I.T admin you need it for your business yes or no… its not rocket science or that hard. If you have to pay for that service, factor it into your costs its not the business paying for it its the consumer.

If your a home user have you ever lost all your data and paid to have it recovered to be told that “whoops sorry too late its all gone” and still have to pay the several hundreds in fee’s…$29.95 gosh! a dollar a day…c’mon like others have said you gotta eat…its just how well you eat that makes or breaks your day.