Tons of blocked connections from port 23777

Hi. For about a week now there are hundreds of blocked intrusions a day. They all come from random ip addresses targeting port 23777. I suspected this is a virus but several different anti-viruses report nothing. Anyone have any idea what else it could be?

Hi jca2323,

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Towards which process are these alerts logged? Could you please post a screenshot of those alerts (please blur your own IP if it’s a public one).
Are you running software that could cause this e.g. torrent or other P2P kind of things?


The process is Windows Operating System. Nobody on my network including myself use any torrent or p2p programs.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Anyone using VoIP, maybe Skype or something similar?

Some people do use skype. I don’t think skype is the cause as it has not been running all day and the intrusions keep going up.

It would be helpful if you could check the ports being used by skype…

I just checked and the port is not being used by skype on the network right now

Just to be clear, skype doesn’t use this port or skype is not being used now?

It doesn’t use this port.

At this point, you’ll probably need to use something like Wireshark to see what type of traffic this is. It doesn’t look like system traffic, so my guess would be an application of some sort. If you create a capture you can attach it to a post, just rename the file with a ‘.txt’ extension or zip it before attaching.