... together with Time Machine?


Do they interfere each other?


It will be good to know if, in the future, if CTM comes back, will it be integrated (work together) with the CDE or, like old versions, you could encrypt the snapshots?

At the moment YES because they both use their own bootloader in MBR.

Exactly. Like CTM and TrueCrypt are incompatible due to the same reason.

Any news about the possibility of this integration, i.e., can’t it be hold (two drivers) at the same MBR?

i think we should worry about a stable CTM first then maybe later come the integration

wasgij6, you’re fully right. But with this two technologies there are no other solution. Or they’re integrated or they’ll be incompatible.
Right now, I’m using TrueCrypt and it’s not compatible with CTM.
If I move to CTM, it would be great to have the snapshots encrypted.
Comodo has the technology for that because of CDE.
So, the integration is a deep wish of mine.

But you’re right, better a stable CTM first.

it would be a great idea if comodo could integrate them but idk if it would be better for comodo to start/continue developing CDE again then once CDE is stable they can be integrated. Like CTM, it sounded like a lot of people had problems with CDE