Tóg Amach Mé - "Wagon Wheel" as Gaeilge

I think I have an obsession with this culture :-X

Thanks sAyer,
Even though the language is alien to me, I still found it cheerful and happy. :-TU

Kind regards.

Thanks captainsticks. Made me smile too. :slight_smile:

In English - Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel - YouTube

Thanks sAyer ,
It doesn’t quite have the same moving feeling about it, but it is still good though. :-TU

Kind regards.

Agreed. The English (original) almost seems cheap compared to the Irish version.

Spare Us the Fall
May the roof above
never fall in,
May we below
never fall out.

  • a Celtic grace

Not Irish myself but I’m quite sure these people know how to have a good time ,and I’m willing to test my theory. :slight_smile: