Today's Scott's News Letter still recommends Comodo Firewall Pro


Just read through the current version of Scott's Newsletter

 Scott  lists the problems several users have had but also that it still is the software firewall he recommends.   He stated a projected release time preriod (not date) of the 3.0 release.  And also linked to these forums for future features.  I really did not see many features except for items such as support Vista and 64 bit versions. 

 Scott mentions that he is a firm believer of [b]Layered Security[/b]!  Sounds familiar,  ;D

 When the 3.0 version of BoClean is available, see if he could test it and add it to his security programs.

  Melih,  Comodo has several Free Security programs available,   [i]changes and improvement [/i] are always on going for each.   There are several, that you are especially strong about, and how they perform (do what they are designed to do).  Recommend that Scott test them,   he will post his findings Good or Bad.   And if he adds them to his Layered Security !   (:CLP)


Thanks for this UncleDoug

I think Scott’s summary is a fair one. We’ll make sure to send the v3 to him as soon as it comes off production line so that he can have a play :slight_smile:


Here is the latest Scott’s News letter testing v3. He is combining the NewsLetter with a Blog.

He had 2 small problems and wondered if he had asked for Help here in the Forums under another name? And there is still one part of the Comod Firewall he has yet to test.


good to hear that :slight_smile:

I am sure as v3 matures it will claim its place in history :wink: