To provide you better service, we are moving our EU instance to new data center!

Dear our customers,

We are continuing to improve our Comodo Antispam Gateway infrastructure to provide you a better service. In this context, we are planning to move our current EU data center to a new one on 24th February!

After moving data center, all of our EU instance customers should make below configurations in order to continue using their ASG system without any interruption.

Configure your firewalls and add to your Recipient Filtering or Transport Rules are (EU) and (US) to allow outgoing/inbound e-mail traffic.

Could stay your DNS MX records same but you should refer to relevant servers by name for EU region:

We do not recommend changing your DNS MX records during business hours as DNS records may take several hours to update globally. This may result in non-delivery or delayed delivery of emails while the global DNS update is taking place.

During the migration it may be possible to experience a brief service outage related to switch-over of DNS addresses and restart of services but it does not exceed 15 minutes even in the worst case.

We wish you a better service,

Oytun Yavuz
Product Manager of Anti Spam Gateway

Just to confirm after the move:

  1. Remove from firewall and replace with, do we need to add the US network as well?

  2. Remove the from the MX records as you appear to be moving to just one inbound server record.

  3. Does the SPF record stay the same?

  4. Outbound IP address for smart host / relay what should that now be?

Can you answer these questions quickly as you have only given us four days notice of a major move.

Hi Willard,

Let me reply your questions below to help all:

  1. You do not need to enable US network if you are not using multiple regions for your different domains.
  2. No, you don’t need to change your current MX-records. The is using for a secondary server that points the same address and it can be used also after the migration.
  3. Yes, SPF record will not be changed.
  4. If you use dns record for smarthost, no any changes will be needed (you can still continue using If you use IP-address, it will be changed to new IPs. However, right way is using dns-records. So we suggest you to use dns record instead of IPs on there.


Hi again,

We had to change the address in first step to (EU) instead of previous one.
Please use this new one for configuration.

note: Willard, I edited the address on both my first post and also your post in order to prevent any misunderstandings in future.