Hi Melih

Been a Comodo user and supporter for a very long time. Like your approach until now.

The introduction of V3 is a shambles so many problems identified by users that this should not have been a final version. In my case several problems, of which two are causing me major inconvenience.

  1. Missing CPF icon from system tray

  2. Cannot use Defense+ because of either a bug or incompatibility with KeyScrambler

The latter is a well known piece of software which is used by many and to have to disable Defense+ to ensure that I can use Keyscrambler is really self defeating.

I have been unable to get a resolution to these problems in the forum. Indeed the forum seems absolutely swamped with user concerns.

I should also mention that this new version is much more complex than the previous version so what is the target market you are aiming at? It cannot be the average Joe with average computer knowledge it really is too complex.

So Melih I am leaving I am going to Online Armor

This kind of introduction cannot assist your business model.


Rather try Linux and if you are not running a server you won’t need any of
this stuff. ;D

The forum may well appear to be awash with people and their problems but with 1 million downloads the question must be asked what proportion are having serious problems?

Since people who are having no problems wont be found posting here you are only going to see posts with problems but this doesn’t tell the whole story as to what proportion are running this software without problems.

Bugs and incompatibilities happen in all kinds of software and maybe you don’t experience them in other software when others do. Swings and roundabouts.

My resolution to the Keyscrambler problem was to uninstall it. On balance I feel Comodo Firewall 3 offers me more protection than any Firefox add on and since Defense + can spot and block keyloggers why do I need Keyscrambler?

As for what user this new firewall is aimed at, average Joe or techie Joe, I’d say both!!

There is an out of the box setting that will suffice for average Joe and the ability to fine tune things that will satisfy techie Joe.

Taking a quick look over at Online Armours support forums and you’ll see lots of help me topics, as you will find with ALL software.

What I have experienced here at Comodo is a company and it’s staff who are committed to making the best software they possibly can and helping people solve any problems.

Bug fixes will be done, as it’s done with all software vendors, on a priority basis. Serious flaws and bugs which affect the greatest number will be tackled first. This is a common sense approach imo.

Hopefully all these issues will be tackled in due course and we’ll see a reduction in the amount of people experiencing problems who will then go on to enjoy the benefits of this product.

CFP v3

I have had no problems, and I assume there hundreds of thousands of other users who haven’t either.

It’s only as complicated as you wish make it.

Updated and two reboots later, and it worked like a gem.

Just the ordinary ‘Allow’ boxes to tick each time you launch a new program.

Even Defense+ in Clean PC mode was easy; you soon get used to the little ‘learning’ boxes popping up each time you launch a program for the first time.

I say ‘Hats Off’ to Melih for a great free Firewall. :slight_smile:


I have been running cpf and it has not made any problems. Even with avast which some are complaining about. Comodo cannot test every different combination of software which is why they are now working hard to fix bugs for those who weren’t in beta testing.

I am using CFP v3 on WIN XP MCE 2005 together with AVAST antivirus and Sandboxie 3.01. I did NOT experience ANY problems.

You see this is always so with software. On some machienes/software configurations ect… a certain software program wil have problems, and on some it wont.

Tis could be because of various reasons:
-leftovers form old uninstalls
-long forgotten programs that still run in memory
-any softwareprogram on the system…
-disabled functions services…


I once had a problem with a softwareprogram I used for ages, and i couldn’t use it anymore for one version. Never figured out what the problem was. The next version worked again.

You simply cannot test every possible configuration scenario. We cannot ask this from developers.

Its new software and there will be problems. That is completely normal. Later there will be updates and bit by bit problems get solved. This is the normal way of how things work.

hi Terry

I am sorry to see you go.

I am sorry that you have left us even though v2.4 is still a viable alternative for you and many others.

And also again I am sorry that having served you for a long time, at the first sign of you having bugs, you choose to leave us, even though we all are working very hard to fix them for the few who suffered. Sorry that you couldn’t give us few more days to correct the bugs that caused you inconvinience. And while you are waiting for v3 we were covering you with a still viable and still very secure firewall v2.4!

I guess thats where the benefit of a paid software is more obvious. I can’t see anyone easily dropping their paid for software just because they have a bug or two and go with something else. End user is committed with their money!

I really am disappointed that you left us TerryWood even though you still had v2.4 as an alternative and all we asked was few more days to iron out v3 issues that affected some users.

Our committment to our users has been and will be 100%! We are grateful for their support.



PS: We promised maximum security and maximum usability for the masses. We are going to get there very soon! Just watch us!

Melih, unless you are one of the unfortunate users inflicted with a critical problem, CFP is going very well. Certainly hundreds of thousands of users with hundreds of complaints and tens of issues makes for a lively forum, but is certainly excellent for the software business. The ZoneAlarm forum, for example, has a lively interaction and has not seen a Vista upgrade for ~ 6 months. Certainly my experience with whipping the software wienies on various programs indicates things are going very well. Keep up the good work (and fix my #*%& problems); Ed. :slight_smile:


on it Ed :slight_smile:



V3 at first to me was troublesome, but i decided instead of leaving it behind, to give it a good kick in the nuts and have my way with it.
i agree that if V2 is an option then why leave comodo?.
i had uninstalled and said my hands were washed with Comodo, but that was a rash and unthought out decision, i have since reinstalled comodo and am very pleased thus far.

@ Terry, i understand ur frustration but i was really puzzled dat 2 bugs makin u leave CPF r 2 minor ones:
1st one, can b easily fixed in next release, or haf u tried 2 reinstal cpf?
2nd, do u kno keyscramble n mouse-only-keyboard r 2 similar apps, developed by same guy, use same technic n given free in same website?
by da mean time waitin for fix, u can try MOK. Im usin MOK now.

Last thing, i feel ur qn dat wat market CPF aims at is irrelevent. Comodo dun make any profit fr CPF. rather i think CPF aims at human kind.

ur cpf pic is stil v2.