To exclude from scanning files by wildcards

I tried to exclude the scanning of some types of files using option Exclusions (Antivirus - Scanner Settings - Exclusions) and adding something like ‘*.cdx’ to the list. But scanner checks cdx-files nevertheless. I suspect adding wildcards without the absolute path is not provided, but i think it would be really usefull.

I would also like to exclude whole folders (music,videos etc) from being scanned at all.


To exclude specific folders AFAIK is possible currently.
But I mentioned exactly to use file masks in exclusion list. Currently it is impossible, at least is not working…

CIS 3.5.61373.458 beta got this.

It is also possible to edit current entries by double-clicking, thus allowing to add an extension.
I guess this could work already with the current non beta releases.

Anyone willing to test doubleclick editing?

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