To All Moderators Who Want To Reply

I hope I haven’t been to much trouble with posting on the forums. :THNK

No, not at all.

I can’t answer for everybody. :slight_smile:

edit: change of Subject.

I was saying that because COMODO is my favorite Security Company & with some of the posts I posted that were locked or deleted I just want to make sure I’m not causing to much trouble w/ the Forum Policy & the forum itself that could cause a post ban.

There might be tons of questions I need help with & if I lose the posting privilege I won’t get the help I need.
Sometimes I don’t think before I post, so I just need to do more of “Think before Post” action more often.

I just wanted to go a little more in depth with the previous post. :slight_smile:

Hi eddie.lucas18,
First up study the Forum Policy.

Keep one issue to one Topic. Don’t cross/double post.
Stay on Topic and try to choose appropriate sections.

Have a browse around the forums to get a general idea of posting netiquette.

Don’t get personal towards other members. (This might offend)

Follow the Forum Policy terms & conditions to the best of your ability, think before posting and I am sure you be OK.
Kind regards.

The topic of yours that I locked… I thought we were both clear on why I did that. As for topics being deleted… we don’t really do that. A Mod may Move or Merge your topic/post to/with an appropriate section/topic. But, not delete them… well, not without saying why it was done anyway. Are you sure we did that?

If you’re having trouble locating your posts, then you can look in your Profile. Under Profile Info on the left side, there’s an option called Show Posts. And these are your posts.

I merged two of your topics in the Secure DNS board with an existing topic of yours called New Version of COMODO Secure DNS Next Month? as a matter of keeping things in one place where possible and to avoid scattering.

I made an edit in blue in the two posts so it would be seen that they were merged in.

Don’t panic and create a nuisance of yourself. The Forums are here to provide help as needed for all members by other members, staff, and Moderators.

I read the forum policy.

Can you please delete any posts that I made that are against the forum policy or move them to the “forum policy violation board” please?

Would it be better is I ask you before I post something that is questionable? :THNK

If you feel it’s questionable, then it is very likely something you shouldn’t post. As you said, stop to think before you post, and you’ll be just fine.

Captainsticks already listed the areas I think you could improve upon in terms of posting.

And as others have mentioned, I don’t believe any of your posts have actually been deleted. They are likely just not where you posted them and have been moved, or merged with more relevant threads.

I know I’ve been a real Pest about the System Mechanic Keygen & I really am sorry about it. Would there be any chance I could delete any pictures out of any posts I have Keygen pictures in such as this one and this one >

If not, that’s fine with me. I just want to makes things right with any Moderator I’ve disappointed + any other person that feels disappointed by me. So would it be OK if I could make it right with every COMODO Forum Member if I could delete the Keygen Pictures please? :THNK

Since you realize that now, YOU can modify the posts you feel that is questionable without a mod needing to do it. :slight_smile: