I am so sick of reading people in these forums writing how CIS sucks and how they need to check their updates next time, fix this, fix that, blah blah, etc etc etc. LISTEN…the people behind the scenes don’t need to do anything to please you because you are getting a FREE product. THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT!! FREE!!! I personally support CIS and the hard working staff to put a great product out for us to be safe and protected from all those nasty viruses and spyware/malware. Example…this last update that came out had an error with AMD processors and it froze my computer. So I went back to the previous version and I posted it in the forum and sure enough they found the problem and they will have a fix soon. NEVER ONCE DID I CRY OR WHINE OR COMPLAIN!!! Just let it be and give these guys the respect that they deserve. They are entitled to make mistakes and it will happen again in the future.


Thanks for reading… :slight_smile:

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean users should have to worry about whether or not their computer will work after installing…

And were you aware that many users pay for this product?

While there are a few derogatory ‘trolls’ continually bashing Comodo for the sake of it,the majority of complaints here are not like that at all.If you install a software product on your system and subsequently you experience severe issues it’s immaterial whether or not it was free.People have every right to make a complaint as long as it’s done respectfully.It should be noted that constructive criticism can be as useful to the developers as praise,if not more so.

So what’s that that you just wrote if not considered whining too? worse you whine about people’s whining! which is absolutely useless. If you intended to create a positive atmosphere in the forums then it’s not going to work by whining about people’s whine.

People need to learn that behind every whine there’s an imperative love for COMODO and its products.
A friend is one who tells you right when you’re doing right and wrong when you’re doing wrong because a friend cares for you and what you will become. People here are matured enough to know the limits of complaining and with the thoughts that they are getting the products for free.

The way I see it the more people whine the more people actually love COMODO :-TU

Tough love ;D


Yes, it’s just disappointing to see something you see great potential in continue to make these mistakes.

Whining? Where did you saw whining? ??? People post they’re computer problems here, would it be with virus, trojan , update, or even COMODO itself. And even though I’m pretty new, I’ve never seen anyone whine in the forum. The moderators and other helpers do their stuff, and that’s perfect like that.

I think it’s because so many people use CIS, and “so many people” means “so many different setups” with “so many different types of potential conflicts” etc. So statistically, there will always appear to be a lot of problems and a lot of people “whining” haha. I’ve never had any (serious) problems with CIS at all. The only problems I’ve had in the past are graphical in nature. I’ve had no stability issues whatsoever with any version, period.

In comparison, I’ve had several BSODs with Online Armor Free in the past.

Hey ssj100!

Good to actually get to speak with you.
i feel i owe you for my Sandboxie setup.Thanks.

I thank you are pretty much right.
If you instal CIS over the rements of “anti-virus’s past”,you will have problems.
If you have no idea what a classic HIPS is,the pop-ups will bother you.

I thank maybe the most faithful of CIS users will be those who uninstalled in disgust,and returned willing to spend a little time learning.

Ps# Michael-Withstand,I thank you may also be right as well.
(Although to me “tough-love” is a conflict in terms.)

Hi hammersmith, good to hear that you found my Sandboxie postings useful. I hope those posts are still in the Wilders forum. I mysteriously got permanently banned from Wilders a few weeks ago without any warning and without any reason. I tried to PM Peter2150 (who is Global Moderator at Wilders and Administrator at Online Armor forums) on the Online Armor forums asking why I was banned so suddenly and without warning, but I’ve received no reply. It’s all a mystery to me, but I guess I was spending far too much time on the Wilders forum anyway haha. Interestingly, my last post was in reply to the owner of the Wilders forum - LowWaterMark, and it felt like we were having a rather cordial exchange. Then within the next 10 seconds of my last post, I found I was banned.

I haven’t signed up another account on Wilders but I do still regularly read the postings there - at least they haven’t IP banned me (yet) for no reason. I think that it’s pointless for me to register another account if they’re going to ban me for no reason and with no warning again. Anyway, if you have any other Sandboxie questions, feel free to PM me here, or at the Sandboxie forums.

Sorry for off topic. Back on topic, I think the AV component has been the most problematic one for Comodo. I used it for a few weeks when it first got integrated into the CIS suite, and appreciated how light it was. However, the false positive rate was appalling, and it seems it remains a problem several months later.

Anyway, as I said, I’m sure there are many many happy Comodo customers out there. The thing is that people don’t tend to bother posting if they don’t have any issues. For example, look at the Sandboxie forums - there is a dedicated sub-forum for “Positive Reviews” which “brings balance to a forum of problem reports”. In this sub-forum, we see only perhaps a couple of posts per month! And how many problem posts do we see in the other parts of the forum? Hundreds per month, and I’m sure there are many less people using Sandboxie than CIS.

Right.That is what forums are. People with problems,people with testimonials.
As you know,on Sandboxie forums,Tzuk,seperates them out.
The requests for assistance,and the testimonials.keeping a certain balance.

As far as the off-topic,as the old saying goes " I been kicked out of classier joints."
Wilders loss.(Although why they would remove a top contributor is beyond me.)
I never really joined,put off by the egos and the gang attacks,but I lurked a great deal.
Some what to my advantage,as reference your Sandboxie threads.

PS# Yes the CAV is a bit problematic,and I am sure I would be quite vocal if I experienced some of the problem others have.
I don’t use Real-time AV,so I am pretty sanguine on the subject.

Yes, I’ve also stopped using a real-time AV since setting up my LUA + SRP + Sandboxie combination.

I wondered where you’d disappeared to SSJ100.I can’t see why you got banned that’s most odd ???

As for your other point you’re quite correct,a HIPS is by nature a complex and deep-rooted piece of software that interracts with many processes at a deep and widespread level on a system.It’s quite understandable that issues,when they appear can be confusing and difficult to pin down for all but the most advanced users.

Hi ssj100!

Well do you want us to start a thread at Wilders >> ( Why did ssj100 get banned? )


P.S – I’m SweX at Wilders, doesn’t post much but reading a lot ;D

Can we pls lock this QQ thread? It’s also in the wrong board.

topic locked, I feel it’s in everyone’s best interest not to discuss personal situations and such that happened at other forums.

If anyone wants this topic unlocked please PM a moderator.