Timestamp server down? [Resolved]

The timestamp server Timestamp Server And Stamping Protocols | Sectigo® Official appears to be down: all I’m getting is a 404 error. Are Comodo aware of this issue?

I raised a support ticket yesterday, but haven’t yet received a reply, so I thought I’d see if posting here can get some attention :slight_smile:


posting here always gets attention…
and we have got your email from yesterday (plus few other’s too)…

by 3pm EST that server should be up and running.
we do appreciate your patience.



The server isn’t up yet, but now that I know it is a server issue (and not, for instance, that the server address had been changed) and you are aware of it, I shall indeed be patient until it’s fixed :slight_smile:

thank you… :slight_smile:


Just to close this topic, this issue has been resolved - pls. let us know if you still have any issues with this link. Tx for your patience, and apologies again.