timeout bug

Dragon works fine when a URL responds quickly.

When I try to access a site that takes 5-10 seconds to respond
Dragon gives up after 2-3 seconds saying the site is missing,
offline, or whatever.

What to do?

Can you fix this problem?

Steve …

Replying to my previous post,

This is just another way of describing
the above report mentioning the site

Take a site, any site. If it responds
quickly it works.

If, say 10 minutes later, the same site
is delayed in responding, it can fail.

Even if IE8 has no problem with
the same site.

Don’t try to narrow in on any particular
site that is reported not to work .

It may work at times and fail at other

Try to find a slow URL to test with.

Steve …

Do you have a slow URL that you have come across?

It could be any URL.

They are sometines fast, sometimes slow.

Spaceflightnow.com was giving me trouble.
But most of the time spaceflightnow is ok.

Also space.com.

But if you access these 100 times and they work
that doesn’t mean anything.

Could be the internet supplier too.
Possibly comcast is worse than others.

And … sorry to say but I have found some
sites that take 15 seconds to get going
that do not exibit this behaviour.

I know this doesn’t help.

A suggestion …

When the problem happens the error is soething

If you could make me a debug version that also
gives some information as to where in the code
this is happening and why it happened
I would be happy to run it for you and report back.

Steve …

You should be able to enable logging via starting CD via the command line… dragon.exe --enable-logging --log-level=0 , this will create a file here:

C:\Documents and Settings<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Comodo\Dragon\User Data (XP)
C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\Comodo\Dragon (Vista & 7)

with the file name of: chrome_debug.log

I will do it.

Steve …

I have encountered the problem again and I have a log file.

I don’t see how to attach thie log file.

Could you please tell me how to send it to you?

Steve …

Hi Steve

Expanding “Additional Options” should display a “Choose File” button which you can use to attach files.


Here goes.

[attachment deleted by admin]

The log seems to have attached fine.

The problem starts at about line 770.

I went to “howtogeek.com”.
I messed around a bit without problems.

Then I tried to go to the “reviews” section.

From then on until the bottom of the log file
I had a lot of trouble.

I went back with IE8 and everything was fine.

I went back again with Dragon and the problems
were still there.

I hope this helps.

Second question.

Over in the disk encryption section I posted a question
about the program.

This was 10 days ago. There have been 199 reads but 0 (zero)
replies. It seems that not all sections of this forum are monitored
very well. Not good at all.

Live support would cost me $19 or some such.
So I used the forum to ask my question.

Could you stir things up a bit and get someone to reply?

Steve …