TimeMachine Questions

I was wondering how progress with TimeMachine was comming along and is there any rough estimate when we can start the beta testing? :slight_smile:

Last I read it will be with version 4. Nothing else new since then.

I have some questions about the size required for a Snapshot if I have a disk with a system partition of 40(forty) Gig with 20 gig of Space used(OS, Programs, & data) and a data partition of 120 Gig with 60 gig of Space used(data only)

  1. Can you specify what partitions are included in the snapshot? I think the answer to this is yes from my quick review of the posts in other threads

  2. How much space is used per snapshot in per portion to the partitions included?
    ie Just a snapshot of the system partition above uses 100%, 50%, 25% 10% or 5% of the actual space used on the disk.

  3. What is the recommended free space required for an install CDS/CTM?

  4. Is it possible or are there plans to make it possible to password protect snap shots.?

  5. Are snapshots made with one install of CDS/CTM usable by another install of CDS/CTM if it is neccesary to reinstall only CDS/CTM on the same machine?

Some of these questions may have been asked but could not find them looking through the disk sheild threads.

Thanks X