Timeline View as default?

I’ve switched from Rollback Rx 9 to CTM and haven’t regret it at all. One thing I would like to know, when I open up the main GUI, under the View Snapshots tab, is there a way to view the snapshots as a timeline by default? It always opens up as Tree view and I just find that cumbersome when sorting through hundreds of snapshots. Thanks for any help or advice.

I would suggest to delete a lot of snapshots. If you really do have hundreds, then your snapshot archive becomes rather useless and you waste a lot of disk space. It will be hard to look up the snapshot that you need. I like the snapshot tree view, because you can see directly the relation between the snapshots within the time line with respect to trunk and branches. The tree view is actually the real time line. If you have 3 trunk snapshots, and you restore to the middle one of those three, then the next snapshot that you create will be a branch to that 2nd trunk snapshot. The overview page just lists the snapshots in the order of which they are created in real time, but that is not the snapshot relation time line (no clue how to name it ;D).

Thanks and all, but I just need a simple answer to my question, not unsolicited advice. :slight_smile: I have reasons for doing things the way I do that I don’t care to go into detail for.

At any rate, is the answer, ‘no’?

As of right now the answer is no. I asked about this myself since before converting to CTM, I was an Eaz-Fix Pro user and was used to it being that way. When I asked the same question some time back I think they said it would be in a future version

Hi all
The answer is NO.

As in never? What about this

Thanks for the reply, I hope it does come out in future versions.