Time Travel

Do you think that we will ever be able to do such a thing? Do you think it would be beneficial to mankind or do us more harm than good?

Personally I’d like to personally see the past and how the world was like back then first-hand but strictly as an observer. I wouldn’t interfere with anything because I’m afraid that if I do I may end my existence.

Ever heard of the butterfly effect?

Be careful not to sneeze or step on a flower. ;D

I assume you aren’t speaking of merely slowing down or speeding up time for a localized area but actually reversing time. Otherwise this would be as simple as considering Special Relativity:

For events such as time reversal this is much more complicated. The physics behind this is definitely above my head ;), but here’s a link:
Cosmic String | HowStuffWorks (there’s also more information here on wormholes)
and if you wanted a more scientific approach here’s another one:
Time Travel: Fact or Fiction?

Read ‘em if you dare, but I believe they’re about as close an answer as can be obtained without acquiring multiple degrees in theoretical physics. :’(

Never heard of that term before.

As far as I know doesn’t special relativity simply allow one to travel into the future and not the past? As far as the wormhole/black hole theories if I recall once mankind can locate one and then be able to survive in one they would have the ability to use it to back into time. Not sure if I remember the details but with wormholes you can’t really choose the past you will arrive at since you can only arrive at the time when it first appeared or something of that sort. So if it had appeared 1 million years ago and you travel through it you might end up being the toothpick of a T-Rex. I don’t want to travel that far into the past :cry:

Here’s a link describing the Butterfly Effect:

What happens with special relativity is that it appears from one persons perspective as if the time outside their reference frame has either sped up or slowed down. Thus for the person travelling at a high velocity it appears as if time outside his rocket has sped up whereas for someone still on the earth it appears that time in the rocket has slowed down. This effect is only noticeable at high velocities.

Consider the Twin Paradox:

You’ve seen too many movies with time travel, but so have I. :wink: Black holes have been discovered, but wormholes have not. Even if they do exist the physics that has been proposed to explain them could be wrong. By the way the general idea behind these is that they bend time through an incredibly strong gravitational field. This is governed by General Relativity. This effect differs from Special Relativity which is caused by high velocities. Don’t forget that a theory is only as good as the experimental evidence backing it up, and I believe there is very little for wormholes.

Thus even if wormholes do exist they may not even have the characteristics needed for this type of time travel to be possible.

Don’t worry. Chances are time travel of this sort isn’t even possible. ;D … oh wait that might be sad. :cry: … or not. I don’t know. ???

'Cause then everyone will know a certain popular theory will be “Darned”. 88)

If it was possible, would we not have people from future amongst us already?


Now there’s a thought… lol. :smiley:

Nice explanations Chiron. I get the Butterfly Effect now.

As for special relativity I am beginning to remember my understanding of it now.

Ok, my mistake, I know blackholes but I always thought wormholes and blackholes were interchangeable terms. Boy am I wrong. But in all seriousness it is true about black holes though in that you can travel back into time in them as how I had said it. If a black hole is here now then it means it must have a past and if you can pass through one now you will reach to its past. Again in that scenario I presume man will not have a choice in how far back he goes.

But your explanations of wormholes shed some light and give different perspectives to the idea of time travel.

Probably. That show on History channel called Ancient Aliens actually had one of the theories saying that perhaps what ancient man described as an alien was nothing more than mankind from the future that had advanced.

Or even right now as I am typing maybe someone from the future is here but then if they were from the future why would they announce it to the world today?

Because we don’t think anyone would believe us. :P0l So it goes a bit more subtly.

Probably not. Travelling into the past would almost definitely change the future. Who knows what types of consequences this would have.

Us? LaserWraith, is there something you’d like to tell the forum. (I mean, of course, before you go ‘Back to the Future’.)

Wormholes do exist, albeit at the Quantum level. They are constantly ‘popping’ into existence within the spacetime (Quantum) foam.

Much speculation has been given to the scalability of these baby wormholes, the problem, however, is their stablity.

keywords for search are:

Quantum Gravity
Quantum foam

Anybody ever read “A Wrinkle In Time”? Most entertaining explanation of time travel I’ve seen.

Maby our times is so boring that they didn’t go back all the way to year 2010, maby the future people will be there around year 4000 or something? :wink: :slight_smile:

Personally I think we will be able to create the illusion/effect of time-travel in small scale, but not in a way that effect any larger area (talking the whole universe). To do that we would need an enormus amount of energy, its all about the energy. With enough energy man will be able to do anything. But we will never have that much energy.

Have you read too much fantasy? :stuck_out_tongue: Energy is a big part of the magical books (the best kind) (like Eragon & the rest of the Inheritance Cycle, Belgarath the Sorcerer, etc).

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It was years since I last read anything fantasy so I don’t think I could have read it too much… :a0 Its more likely that Ive read too little fantasy and therefor spend a bit too much time online… :-[

I wish I was reading more books actually.

Steven hawking seems to think so.