Time to rethink / reinvent a human(e) society?

Well, now, here’s some thoughts on the (forgotten?) European origins of “modern” North America’s society.

Just some personal thoughts by me, as already stated above.

Statement No. 1:

Killing people is an archaic anachronism in my opinion.

Be it people convicted of cruel crimes against (parts of) society and therefore being executed by some states’ orthodox laws (including killers, rapers etc.), be it harmless people living in “alien” countries (including both civilians and soldiers) being flagged by “homeland” politic(ian)s as “rogue” states etc.

That certain thing called “death sentence” has got it’s own, rather long lasting European history, of course.
Same goes for “torturing” people.

Both are centuries-old traditions that seem to have survived, until now, in some countries outside of Europe (just for example, most states of Northern America), that do in fact heavily rely, maybe without knowing it, on middle-age based European “culture” (rather “tradition” than “culture”, i have to add).

Whilst Western and Middle Europe at least have, in the meanwhile, banned this kind of killing by state’s law(s), (I’d say they’ve somewhat PROgressed by having chosen that way), some other countries seem to have dismissed that crucial step of human “evolution”.

“Killers and rapers” and such aren’t “good people” by any means, that’s for sure. They’ve degraded themselves by ethical measures in the meanest way thinkable of.

But, if you think exactly about WHAT they are (sometimes a very hard thing to do, confessed…), they’re human beings as well.

Even if they might be completely disgustable human beings, at least in most cases, they’re still exemplata of our human species…

But if you think there’s any kind of “right” existing to kill other people, then, well… please don’t read on.

Because in my opinion

KILLING OTHER PEOPLE, even if them being “bad people”, still has to be named KILLING.
And: Whoever does it, he’s a killer himself. No doubt about it.

Having read about some “unfortunately” “gone somewhat wrong” executions during the last months, with the murderer suffering 43 minutes before finally being allowed to die, I gotta say:

Whatever you’ll tell me 'bout justice and such, this kind of a to-be-killed evil man’s suffering is by no means what today’s mankind is in need of. That’s just disgusting. Medieval in it’s most eval kind of way thinkable. Come on, stop that rubbish.

Europe was your mother long ago.
And Europe since got over it.
Europe has abandoned that weird stuff.

Electric Chairs? Gassing people? Venomous injections? Hanging? Shooting? Come on people (no, I won’t say “old aged Cowboys” now), we’re not living ■■■■■■ age once again, please?

Stop that rubbish… think.

Whilst all those aforementioned criminals may have acted way more than primitive by our definition, all those methods to get rid of the unwanted I’ve mentioned before are quite more than just primitive, as well.

Again, think about it.

Stay human.

Else, it won’t work and there’ll be a whole lot of rubbish going on in this our world.
Some seem to really want to provoke that. Don’t ever give 'em the slightest chance in your minds.

I surely don’t like murderers and rapists, but I’m more in fear of those who’ve got the intention to enslave others. Their minds, their attitudes, their hopes. And keep primitivism of legislation dragging on for what seems like forever.

Don’t ever let yourself be influenced by the mass media. They’ve been bought by someone out there anyway…

Stay true to your heart(s).

Thanks if so, REBOL.

I’d really like to read some opinions from others here,

as “death penalty” itself (herself? not sure… whatever, plz pardon me, being just a Germ…) seems so enormously popular these days in the U.S.

What is all of those other COMODO users opinion on that topic?

I’d really like to know.

Kind regards, REBOL.