Time to own up - Traditional anti virus is no longer enough.


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So what happened between then and now for the AntiVirus vendors to start claiming that these kind of Antivirus products can “protect” you?

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if we only watch on the architecture - default deny vs default allow, then i am agree with you.
Then that are true words.

But you know, their marketing will never change their words. They want sell! But interesting would be, if they would offer a Malware free guarantee of 500$. But they will not do as long as they use default allow technology. :wink:

An interesting question would be: “If you, the AntiVirus vendors, start claiming that these kind of Antivirus products,with default allow architectur, can “protect” costumers, so why you do not offer an 500$ malware free guarantee for your Antivirus products?” :wink: :slight_smile:

I agree with you so much that I uninstalled my current paid suite and installed Comodo Firewall and Avast free AV.Which I noticed is fully compatible.I buy and sell security and I have to say Comodo is my favorite because I had Macafee and it failed me badly then I went shopping for a new security suite and I happened to luck into finding Comodo CIS premium and it cleaned up everything and I purchased CIS pro 2012 and I was surprised it came with free remote help and a 500.00 virus free guarantee.Geek Buddy has helped me out a few times .One time it was pretty major I had an uninstall fail badly but they got it all cleaned out and reinstalled.I have tried out Bitdefender,Kaspersky which offers a good amount of protection but too heavy and slow,Norton.Even Emsisoft Internet Security Pack but I believe that Comodo offers the same amount of protection or more.Obviously the amount of threats are multiplying badly with serious exploit threats ,hack attacks rampant,attacks are getting a lot of press lately and most likely are going to increase in severity.Keep up the good work and keep improving your product.Please work on some Av compatibilities like I have a Norton AV subscription that I would like to run with your firewall and Bitdefender Av is not compatible at all no browsers work.I have nothing against Comodo Av.If I had to run an AV only with Windows firewall it would be with Comodo AV because DDP protection/behavior blocker and HIP’s.I do hope some day that Comodo does include Anti phishing/Web shield and site advisor though.It does protect the most important things and it does it very well.

No need. Just use good DNS. Such as OpenDNS, NortonDNS or ComodoDNS. Also it depends on what browser you are using as well as many would block such sites anyway.

However, you always have to be very careful with phishing sites. Remember that at the moment, at least as far as I’m aware, the industry approach to problems such as phishing sites is default allow. There is no proactive strategy against phishing sites.

We knew this as fact years ago.
This is what made CIS so powerful in the war against malware.

That’s true. Thx for sharing Melih. I’m happy to be a CIS user :slight_smile:
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Thanks for keeping us safe with CIS Melih.

Its time [b][u]to be honest with consumers[/u][/b] and give them the information they deserve. [b]Its time to own up and tell them these traditional Anti Virus products cannot protect them from malware they don’t know.[/b]

It is important that people understand that this type of statements are far away from being just a commercial debate in order to promote a specific product (i.e.: Comodo Internet Security). It is about AV companies start educating end-users in security basics so they can really protect themselves.

Most of AV vendors only want to sale their products because they know end-users need those products, showing with this their priority: keep their companies running. But they don’t educate their end-users in how can they protect better, which should be AV vendors’ real priority (their income is in second place).

Ask every COMODO user, including HOME users, not only about his/her knowledge about operating the product, but also how the product works for them and why they know they are protected with this product (being the reason why they choose the product). It is amazing the explanation you will hear. Users are educated. While other users from any other AV vendor, you will only hear something similar to this: “I use XXX brand of AV because it says that it stops the viruses (something they read in the box or in the website). Is an ANTI-VIRUS, isn’t it?”. They are not educated, they only buy what they know, and sadly most of the Internet Users are misinformed (or they know little) about Internet Security.

Thanks COMODO not for only providing a great product, for FREE.
Also because you educate us.

This whole thing is rather outdated since every current AV product I know of is not operating only in the traditional sense. They are all using some form of cloud lookup and/or reputation services plus heuristics and are not depending strictly on a signature database. Even the relatively simple Microsoft Security Essentials has those features. Norton and Avast certainly do as well.

Yes , traditional anti virus is no longer enough but the beast itself is extinct.

all that you mention above is still “traditional default allow” architecture.

its right what Melih said, all what u speak about is still default allow technology … maybe u want to speak about BB´s and Hips technology by other vendors?