Time to go back to Old Faithful

I have been evaluating CPF for 3 weeks now. Experiences during this time have been traumatic to say the least. Don’t get me wrong. I think CPF has tremendous potential, but for me and my circumstances it is a nightmare.

So far, these are the problems encountered.

(1) Randomly locks up my computer. Have to do a hard shutdown and reboot. This has happened on no less than 9 occassions. When CPF is (finally) removed, I get no more lockups.

(2) Couldn’t uninstall CPF successfully, even by cleaning out the registry. Kept getting the standard please uninstall previous version message, even though it was not on my computer. Had to use the standalone uninstaller to completely remove. Apparently you keep saying it is a windows uninstaller problem, but seriously, it is your problem to make it adapt to the OS, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

(3) On occasion after coming out of hibernation, I find that CPF has lost ALL my application rules.

(4) I rely on RDC. After RDC sessions have been terminated, I find I am locked out of the remote PC. I have to hard shut down to use the log on procedure. This has happened on 5 occasions. On 3 occasions, the CPF icon has disappeared from my task bar. I had to reboot to recover the icon.

(5) RDC would stop working. No changes to either PC, yet I could not access the remote PC. I could not even ping the remote PC. When I uninstalled and reinstalled CPF, RDC operation would return to normal (after reconfiguring everything).

(6) The icon would disappear from task bar. Could not restart the application though Start\All programs. Had to uninstall and reinstall CPF

The GUI itself is very good, as is the protection offered (from all my standard security tests I throw at all firewalls I evaluate), but it is not reliable enough for me to use on a permanent basis.

I am a computer tech and have recommended CPF to clients. I have had to remove every installation due to problems.

I will continue to evaluate future versions when they come out, but at this stage I will go back to Looknstop. I have had no problems with this firewall over the last 7 years.

Keep up the development. It has enormous potential. :slight_smile:


Interesting… Which OS are you running? Which version of RDC?

I’ve been running it on Win2KP and XPP boxes, all with Cisco VPN ( client connectivity, using RDC (2003) and TightVNC 1.3.9 in a variety of ways, all have been perfectly stable with CFP