Time Machine wiped my PC?

All right, so I just downloaded Time Machine a few hours ago, I reboot the PC and the first thing that pops up is the program itself with the text "Press “Home” key to enter the console… after that it simply goes into loading “reindexing”… afterwards the PC goes on normally only to get the blue screen of death.

Right now though - I can’t even go into safe mode. I start my computer, Time Machine loads but after going through the “home” key to enter the console process (in which nothing happens if I actually press home) windows boot manager simply tells me windows failed to start. What. Apparently, to fix the problem I need to insert my windows installation disc, which is a bit maddening because I have a netbook with no CD drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

HI Mezzaine,

It may be that your HOME key is a Function Key. Try pressing your FN button + HOME together. This i often indicative of laptop keyboards.

Hi mezzanine:
The “HOME” key is on your keyboard, please look for it carefully. Some specific computers may not have this key, then you need to press a key combination to replace it, please refer to the instruction manual. For example, in a French notebook with an AZERTY keyboard, you can try “Fn+Left” Arrow. You can uninstall CTM after pressed the “HOME” key.

Best Regards.

I have a netbook with no CD drive.
In fact, you can boot with a USB-Disk just like boot with a CD\DVD.

Ah thank you. I successfully uninstalled TM but the boot problem persists… and I don’t have any sort of recovery disk or anything of the sort (I have a Vaio netbook if it matters). Anyway, I find that these problems are best worked out in person as I’m not very technologically illiterate either so I’ll take the computer to a friend of mine who’s very knowledgeable about computers in general (and Comodo programs) to see if he can help me fix this before I start college again in a week.

By the way English isn’t my native language so my apologies for the poor grammar.