Time Machine can't detect your disk id. Please restart Pc and try again

I have sort of resolved this. Thought you might like to know for your records.

My non-system drive was controlled by a promise ultra 100 disk controller. Working fine.
However that controller stopped CTM installing with the error: “Time Machine can’t detect your disk id. Pleae restart Pc and try again”
I unplugged my secondary drive’s power and restarted.
CTM now installed.

On closer inspection however the partition/ secondary disk is not recognized by the newly installed CTM see below (image removed)

winXP SP3, Dell P4 5150.

Yet in Computer Management console it is clearly recognized. Comp Mgt says location is : Bus Number 0, Target ID 0, LUN 0

So I don’t know if that sheds further light for you.

Another bug I spotted

If the TEMP/TMP variable is set to a non-existent drive then the install fails immediately with no error message or warning whatsoever.

There we go. Any help with the unknown disk appreciated.

I get this same message and cannot install CTM.

2018 today i get same bug.
Cannot install the program to even try it out.
Registered just to post the problem.
I have only 1 SSD drive loaded in standard boot mode, no EFI or whatever.
I have how ever one encrypted partition on the disk, but it is unlocked already so…

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but …

Comodo Time Machine is a discontinued product and has been for several years. There will be no updates to the product and the product development team has been disbanded and spread across other product lines.

I realize this is not what you wanted to hear and I genuinely feel your pain. I still think CTM3 was the perfect product for the Windows platform as it provided a failsafe for failed Windows patches, malware and “less than sensible” user choices. It provded a simple means of a company having a single, stable, consistent platform for all their PCs.

I have complained long and loud to anyone at Comodo who will listen, but I fear the ship has sailed. But I keep on complaining.

Why don’t you PM Melih (Comodo CEO) and let him know how ticked off you are that CTM3 is dead.

Tell him Ewen sent you.


Tell him I sent you.

Tell him I still have a hammer (he’ll get it).

Ewen :slight_smile: