Time for consumer Comodo marketing to receive face lift too?

Comodo is seemingly doing a fantastic job in building their Enterprise offerings which is fantastic, but not much of a surprise of course given how powerful the software is!

Rightly so, as the consumer products are generally free, the marketing budget may not be a priority for it.

However, I do think it is time for the consumer marketing on it’s website to possibly undergo a face lift too.

I mean, if I didn’t already understand Comodo’s products in reasonable depth, as a new customer just by going off the website, I really would be confused what each product provides compared to the rest of the products. Comodo Cloud AV vs Comodo AV (what is right for a user and why - to a new customer without any help there doesn’t appear to be an obvious choice to select), Paid vs Free all seems very mashed together.

I think it may be time for Comodo to spend a little resource on simplifying the Consumer marketing in line with all other AV company websites.

At the end of the day, it is the personal users including everyone in this forum who helps with the core product that is then used with Enterprise solutions. Keeping the personal user base strong surely only goes towards further improving the enterprise offerings.

Just my thoughts. Would be interested in reading other peoples views!