Thunderbird, SecureEmail and SSl

I’m using Thunderbird with the SecureEmail program and wonder if I should have the client set to use SSL in addition, or not.

I’m a complete novice in this area and wonder if anyone can advise me? Thanks.


Using Secure email certificate you can send/receive encrypted mails. SSL certificate is different Secure email certificate please go through the knowledgebase for more information.

Many thanks for the information.

Hi Kaufhof

I’m afraid that Prabhakaran has supplied incorrect information. The information he has given pertains only to configuring S/MIME compliant e-mail packages with e-mail certificates, and not Comodo’s SecureEmail product, which also uses Comodo’s free e-mail certificates.

As stated in the following release of Comodo SecureEmail Beta, SSL is not yet supported.

“…The following features are belayed for this version.

  • SSL connection support – a new specific beta version with SSL support will be available in around 2 – 3 weeks. We’ll post that in the Beta corner….”

If you configure you e-mail client to use the SSL ports then Comodo’s SecureEmail product will not be able to intercept and encrypt your e-mail.

We are due to release an SSL version very soon that has SSL support.

Kind Regards,


Many thanks for that information, Shane. I had already worked some of it out but what you have given me is very helpful.