Thriving Comodo quality

I’m amazed to still suffer issues with Comodo that force me to be drawn onto these shores.

Story so far:

At a certain point, Comodo decided that I shouldn’t be able to save ANY file. Web downloads, saving paint files. Nothing.
Every time, I had to rewrite the file onto an existing one with the same extension, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to save it.

I had a folder filled with multiple stock files with multiple extensions, and everytime I had to rewrite over them.

Wasted 1 month of my life purging my W7 pc. Factory resets, full wipes, backups, contacting tech “experts” nothing worked.
I discovered it was caused by comodo only on my second full factory reset.
The issue was there with comodo, but it was solved after disinstalling it.

Bought a new W8 PC in the meanwhile.

THEN, suddenly comodo decided that Chrome wasn’t safe anymore.
Couldn’t open webpages on it.
Had to force a specific rule for it.

NOW, DNS blocking websites.
And once again, I’m forced to restore automatic DNS settings instead of comodo’s very own, just because this garbage keeps blocking my MS mail provider.

I seriously don’t understand what happened to this company in the last 3 years.
I’ve used comodo for SO many years, without an issue. And I’ve always recommended it to other people.
Now, it’s just flaming garbage forcing issues after issues down your throath.

… although nothing has since surpassed the Thriving quality of comodo blocking file saving process.