Three questions about CIS 5

1.The coming DACS is used for free version? OR Comodo Internet Security Plus?

2.Where can I get the theme of CIS 5?
PS I’m fond of blue theme.

3.My computer has been attacked by ARP many times.Why CIS cannot defend ARP?

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  1. DACS will not be in just the plus version, i can`t say to much on it but it will be free.

  2. There is an unofficial collection of themes here which have been tested as working fine by lots of people. CIS 5.1 will have some in built themes (i think).

  3. Go to Firewall->Firewall Behaviour Settings->Advanced->Check the boxes “Protect the ARP cache” and “Block gratuitous ARP frames”


Looks very nice!Thank you!I’ll try it.